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How To Pay Monthly Car Installment Using Online Banking?

Most of the people won’t have the capability to make car payment using cash and it always pay by monthly installment. Many usually have to pay a down payment on it. For me, i will choose to pay less monthly, so i will put at least 50% down payment.

Pay Monthly Car Installment Using Public Bank

Since I’ve had my bad experience with Maybank, so i won’t use it for my online banking. Currently, my most favor online banking is Public Bank as i found a lot convenient and lower charges than Maybank. For your information, I pay my monthly car installment using Pbebank since it’s more hassle free and save me some travel expenses as i no need to travel to any Public bank branch to make payment.

Step By Step: How To Make Car Installment Using PbeBank?

Step 1: Go to Payment/Recharge -> Loan/Financing Payment -> To Open 3rd Party Accounts


Step 2: Click “Request PAC” button.


Step 3: Key in your PAC now.

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