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Beware of Malaysia Phone Call Scam !!!

As most Malaysian knows, our newspaper will be flooded by a lot of interesting news each period of time. Nowadays, i can see that more and more SMS Scam cases capturing the highlights of our local newspaper. Recently, I have received a phone call asking if I can do a phone survey, and they would like to know more about the consumer’s buying pattern. I have given them a chance and answered several questions and at the end of the call, the operator gave me a number. He invited me to attend their shop and said that i can have chance to win the “lucky draw” prizes.


I did not go for the event but i received a phone call that tells me i have won the lucky draw which is the cash prizes of RM100k and the event organizer request my bank account number in order for them to transfer money to me. I did not quite believe with him and i refused to give him my bank account number. Instead of that, I told them to write a cheque for me but he gave excuses that they are unable to send me the cheque but they have opened a temporary account in Hong Kong’s Bank where they have placed the money there and also gave me the account number & password to access that the account. Then, i started to call the bank and the automated voice machine said that i have HK$200k deposited. However, i still cannot fully trust them and request them for more proof and they gave me a website where they sell products.

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