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How to Calculate a Salary Increase?

I am wondering what’s your salary increment and bonus like? In my opinion, salary increment can be range in between 5-30% depending on your job performance while bonus commonly can be range in between 1-6 months. Is that true?

What about the benefits of your company? What are the working hours and workload like? For my company, I can get education allowance, medical allowances up to RM400 per financial year, and personal insurance claim.

About My Salary Increment From Year 2006 to 2010
salary increment

As we known, Malaysia’s inflation rate hit was a bout 7-8%. It’s almost high mostly due to the increase in petrol price. If your salary does not increase by at least 8%, then you aren’t really getting an increase in income. Am I right?

This is the way to calculate a percentage of pay increase:

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