The Problem of 8 Hours Work Day

Is it eight hours work day long enough for a day in modern industry? For modern employee, almost all tasks involve creative and strategic thinking. On the contrary, there is a reason why it should be reduced.

In your personal life, how often do you spend 8 consecutive hours in front of a computer? It doesn’t make sense because we lose the ability to concentrate effectively within a few hours. When employees reach the lowest energy, they can’t recharge with relaxing time and the only solution is breaking the work day into multiple segments.

Some companies have tried to make the work environment more relaxing by offering meals and fitness centers. When an employee becomes mentally fatigued, they can go for recharge activities like exercise or relaxation. When energy recharged, the employee can start working again at a high level.

We work 8 hours a day on average, sleep about 8. Do you feel that would be enough for healthy?

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