To Be Self Employed or Being Employee?

Boss & EmployeeI’ve a permanent position from company to be a Software Engineer. Currently, i’m not keen on this permanent position as i would have to learn a lot of things which naturally takes up a lot of my time as i’m new in the field but this does good for me to expose in a lot of process in global scale. This will no doubt benefit my career in a longer run.

Most important thing is make sure that:

1. Do what you enjoy.

2. If a job is just a job, it’s not worth.

3. If a job is an opportunity for you to learn relevant skills, make useful network and gain good work experience, it’s worth.

I’ll consider the income i’ll get in the next 5 years in this chosen industry. Will it be an exponential growth, or just a slow linear growth? You might be making a hefty RM3k, will you make RM5k or more in the next 5 years? If my target of passive income can really cover the rest of my life, then I will no need to work anymore. However, the problem is I am not entirely sure what business to venture into.

Which is your priority?

Money? Experience? Work Satisfaction?

My priority is building up network of people who might help me no matter what type of business since it naturally will give you more options. Be an employee and turned into an employer later by slowly fraction more time to build your personal biz. You need to have to be a self-starter.

5 thoughts on “To Be Self Employed or Being Employee?”

  1. our life is full of learning!! we should keep on learn from time to time then only can consider to be the boss..

    need to have good financial management so that wont easily get bankrupt

  2. to be self employee is better of course but u need to have capital in urself or u need to have good leadership otherwise people may not follow ur instruction to do thing properly

  3. Passive income is good. However, it may be good to hold a full time job whilst learning valueable skills and network until you are ready to move out on your own.

    Anyway, great site and I like how you’ve grown it so successfully.

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