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What’s Your Expected Salary Increment for Year 2012?

Just wondering, what’s your annual increment like? Normally, the increment can range between 5-20% which depends very much on individual performance, size, nature, and culture of the company.

salary increment

However, for those skilled employees, the wages are still linked to experience, productivity and demand. Most of the organisations are still willing to offer attractive remuneration packages for candidates equipped with the desired skills. Thus, highly skilled and productive employees are more likely to earn more.

Employers are usually looking at providing lower salary increments while employees are expecting more. Based on the Kelly Employment Outlook and Salary Guide 2011/2012, it indicated that there’s an average of 3 – 5 percent increase in salaries across all sectors.

Nevertheless, this year I’m aiming at 17 – 18 percent adjustment of my current salary. Based on my research, noticed that knowledge-based industries such as ICT will experience a higher salary increase due to the increasing demand for talent. So, I don’t think it will bring much trouble to meet my expectation.

Supposingly, 2012 is going to be a turbulent year due to the Euro sovereign debt crisis. But then, let us all hope 2012 be another great year for better career with higher increment and greater job prospects.

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4 Responses to “What’s Your Expected Salary Increment for Year 2012?”

  1. maszuki Says:

    normally, skilled worker will have to jump from co to one co in order to increase their pay…

  2. Knowthymoney Says:

    Your salary must be damn high to have such high increment every year. Double digit..

  3. Lxuan Says:

    wah, it my 1st time coinccindentally view this website. what a cool and knowledgeble portal to share..

  4. seraph Says:

    I doubt you get double digit salary increments annually, you only get that kind of increment if you jump from one company to another.

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