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How If Maybank Cash Deposit Machine Spoilt While Depositing Money Halfway ?

Maybank Cash Deposit Machine

1 of my reader went to deposit some money into the Maybank Cash Deposit Machine during nighttime. However, after putting his money in, the machine will display the error message “This machine is temporarily out of service”. This word of “Temporary” does not give assurance to Maybank customer because it does not give clear instruction on what to do? It is so frustrating!

What Should Do If Your Money Stuck In Cash Deposit Machine?

If it is the case, then for sure you will have many questions flashed across your mind, am I right? What should you do? Firstly, do not panic, you must look for phone number to call. You can call this number 1300 88 6688. Call and wait for customer service to respond. After that, they will assure you that the machine will need manual intervention and the money should be safety. Haha…It’s like that…

So, you must go to bank report tomorrow and sign one form and they will ask when and what time you use the machine. However, if your case is real, then the money will be deposited into your account on the same day.

Still Worry Even Make A Call To Maybank Customer Service?

If you still worry and hardly fall asleep at night, then you can try to use my creative idea here: Just make sure your face appears clearly in their CCTV and make a call in front of Maybank Cash Deposit Machine on the spot, then you got the CCTV record and tele- communication record at the same time. Haha…I think so far never have people doing in that way before.

Maybank Cash Deposit Machine Sucks

Based on my personal analysis and complaint from users, Maybank is the number one to have system down cases at most of time. If the machine did not return your cash, don’t worry just call the customer service.

Anyway, please try not to do transaction near midnight because normally that’s the time the ATMs and Cash Deposit Machines will go out of service for batch maintenance job.

My conclusion so far is that the Maybank Cash Deposit Machine is not very reliable but security is acceptable. It is also best to do the transaction during office hours.

22 Responses to “How If Maybank Cash Deposit Machine Spoilt While Depositing Money Halfway ?”

  1. Mr.Dream Says:

    so far i never face this problem before… but very scary

  2. Jacob Yap Says:

    Thanks for the info. Maybe useful if we meet this problem.

  3. Jys Says:

    i did think about this when i use the cash deposit machine. hehe.. but so far so good, nv encountered anything like this before.

  4. Money4Invest | Lee Says:

    Thanks for the useful information. I hope I would never encounter this problem but who knows what will happen tomorrow. Just don’t panic and find the phone number to call for assistance.

  5. pearly Says:

    Thanks for this useful information. Your idea of showing one face at the ATM CCTV and make call to the Maybank customer service right in from of the ATM is excellent idea !

  6. Prince of Andalus Says:

    i didn’t face any problem using maybank deposit machine so far… i like to use maybank because of they have many deposit machines and atm machines

  7. youliang Says:

    lol ditch maybank and head over to another bank xD

  8. Nikita Says:

    wah really dangerous situation

  9. Learn To Write Blog Says:

    Thanks for your info, one important point is don’t do transaction near midnight

  10. JL Says:

    Luckily no such problem so far. 😆

    I think the worst time to bank in money is during weekends and at shopping centers. All machines will have long queue one. Somemore the towkay of the migrant workers will also be very busy one. 😆

  11. SP Blogger Says:

    I use Maybank online service mostly. Seldom take out money from ATM.

  12. leelin Says:

    Good sharing…in fact i did face such situation before, few months ago, a friend of mine asked me to help her to deposit money to her mother in kl for part of her mother’s operation fee, it was around 5pm, after put in the money, then the machine shut down and out of order , at that time, the bank was closed, but when i looked into the bank through the door, i saw some staff still in there, so i waved to one of the staff and luckily he responded and came out, after knowing it, he asked me to fill up a form and ask me to wait for a few days as they need Kl headoffice to trace it and then only credit will be done, i was so cut the story short, i managed to get the KL headoffice to credit the money after one week….

  13. Mei Teng Says:

    This is terrible!

  14. ckaris Says:

    it happened to me but is uob instead of maybank super worried hope to get my money back

  15. kx Says:

    im facing this problem right now!! =(
    i deposited the money in one of the CDM in penang last sunday..the machine stucked half way..i got no choice to wait thr as i hv to catch my flight to jb on tatday..
    i found the branch number on the notice board and i immediately called to the branch(i hv tried to call 1800 but then i hv no idea on the 16 pins) i was told to report my case in one of the maybank in JB…
    i reported on monday…til today..i hvnt get my $$ back yet =(

  16. CPH Says:

    it happened to me today..hahaha
    Damn it, the security blamed me for putting RM5 papers in the machine and cause it out of service…

  17. CS Ng Says:

    I personally experience for it. It is so frustrating.

    I call the branch, branch mentioned the machine is controlled by HQ and ask me to call 1800 ……….

    I called 1800 ….., they ask me to wait and wait and promised to returned call but never happen.

    With this mentality, Maybank should only qualify for “Kampung” bank.

    Last advise, do not trust the machine

  18. Joseph Ong Says:

    I face this problem too.. cash deposit at night and suddently out of service while processing. didin’t put different notes in, all same 50bugs notes. Really stupid, I am told to wait 3 to 4 working days for it. Really crazy, how i’m going to relax in these few days waiting for the money to be deposited? It’s not small amount dude.. can’t they make immediate action? I felt really disappointed.. thinking of closing off all accounts that i have in Maybank…

  19. Joel Says:

    I face this problem a lot. I have no choice but to use the CDM because my deposits are mainly below RM5000.00. Bankers say CDMs are convenient as we can now do our banking till mid-night….. However, If the money get stuck, it gets VERY INCONVENIENT .. you’ll have to report it to the branch. Worst still, if the money is stuck after banking hours, you’ll have to go to the branch the next day to make a report. They will only credit the money 3 working days later if you are lucky. Otherwise, you have no choice but to pester the bank officer till he/she does the job. To make matters worst, you’ll have to bank in more money into your account if you already have issued some cheques. The best they can do is to alert your home branch so that you will be given until 10am that day to come up with the cash. They think all of us have a mountain of cash at home and can simply bank in any amount of money at any given time. They fail to understand that if we do have a tonne of cash, we wont be using the CDM at all. We use it because they set up this ridiculous rule where deposits below RM5000.00 are no longer entertained at the counter. So, to avoid the embarrassment of a bounced cheque I had to borrow money to cover the amount for the cheques I have issued. As I’m depositing the cash in another CDM, I just could not help thinking … hey, what if the CDM jams again … then I would need 3 times the amount of money … Bank Negara should regulate this.

  20. Carlo Says:

    just happened to me today and after reading the above stories crazy man. If they work money will be there next tuesday !!!! since today is thursday. They told me it takes 3 to 7 days before the cash gets back into my account !!!! R they crazy ? to make matters worse it happened at one of those pam minyak CDM’s …..

  21. tk Says:

    I faced the same problem and it’s with CIMB Bank!

    Deposited RM2250 and machine got stuck and only got back RM1900 after 2 weeks!

    It’s been almost one month and I have called the bank customer service for more than 6 times yet no concrete action from them.

    How can the money got lost?? Will I ever get my money back??

    Please help!

  22. karan Says:

    facing the same problem, it happened with me yesterday evening. lets see if ur info is really usful. btw thanks…….. i m too scary…….it was 20000……..aaah god

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