6 thoughts on “Why Malaysia Bank Fixed Deposit Higher Than Other Country?”

  1. If you converted all the currency into RM of course Singapore has higher interest. But the living standard in Singapore is different with Malaysia. So from a Singaporean point of view, I think Singapore bank offered lower interest compare to Malaysia. :p

    Anyway, well developed countries such as Singapore, Japan and etc have lower interest rate because the government encourage people to spend their money to help the economy rather than keeping the money in the bank. 🙂 (If I’m not mistaken… hehe)

  2. To me, fixed deposit is a waste of resources! 🙂

    I got a very minimal fixed deposit in Public Bank.

    That one also was forced to because i wanted a credit card.

    Oh well, Fixed Deposit just now my cup of tea.

  3. Well, for some information. Singaporean who place Fixed Deposit at Msia, consider a EXTERNAL customer, interest rate is about 1% lower than their resident. That is what I found out only last week..

  4. Yes, they try to cheat you since there is no reason for giving lower rates just because you are a foreigner. It is their currency after all. Since it is not encouraged, don’t put there.
    They are afraid of short term funds entry and exit. So this is not a valid reason, including for sg.
    The real reason is trying to emulate USD.

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