Why Malaysian Employee Prefer Working In Singapore?

Recently, my closest friend of secondary school had shared with me that nearly 5 of his classmates are in Singapore now. I’d say the biggest reason for most of the people work there is due to the currency. Meanwhile, my fellow blogger also have had the same mentality like me.


Honestly, I’m one of those Malaysian who love Singapore too! Though I knew working in Singapore is much more stressful and tough compared to Malaysia, but I think that’s what really challenging about it and eventually we’ll be exposed to more useful working experiences. I believe Singapore provides a better foundation for solid working experiences, especially in multi-national company.

Based on my personal experiences, Singapore is very safe too! I can feel that there will be lower crime rate. In addition, Malaysians working in Singapore has a better deal than Singaporeans because they don’t have to do national service.

Hence they move higher and faster than Singaporean, what do you think? Singapore is a good place to work in due to everybody is treated equal. Although I am not like about Singapore living expenses but I believe that there’s great place for you to get the job satisfaction.

How Singaporean Employers View A Malaysian Employee?

However, do you know how would Singaporean employers view a Malaysian worker who keens to work in Singapore? As I known, if you are the potential Malaysian employee, which can bring value to their company, then your possibility of being hired is very high.

Sometimes, Singaporean employers want foreign workers to have good attitude and need you working to put in extra hours for free, they need you to fit in with their company culture, and be able to be in control. So, have you get ready to work in Singapore?

10 thoughts on “Why Malaysian Employee Prefer Working In Singapore?”

  1. I agree that #1 reason why Malaysian prefer to work in Singapore is due to the currency. But those who are seeking opportunity to work in Singapore have to understand that no matter how big your salary is (in RM), your saving, investment and net worth will only be as high as your financial IQ. I know a person who used to earn a lot while he was working in Singapore but he came back to Malaysia with nothing, no saving! He had spent all the money he earned. In this case, he had better work here in Malaysia, at or close to his hometown.

  2. Most of my friend do well in Singapore and don’t return, only some who didn’t make it complain about it.

    Well … Spore hiring Malaysian are like we hire Indonesian workers here … it really depends on what you want.

  3. I used to work in SG….back in Msia KL for good. Yes, its indeed stressful but it brought a whole lot of beneficial perspective on how to view work and life. The currency is definitely attractive…The living expenses is not high if you know your limits well and especially if you;re single. Its safe, convenient but extremely packed. Retrechment can be felt anytime anywhere greatly to a certain extent where fear pervades all…You must work hard over there…there isnt a place for you to squeeze in to relax even for a bit of time unless you have family or relatives to ‘shelter’ yourself temporarily there. You must have the mindset of competing against each other, a trait of being a perfectionist AND dont hope for more holidays. We have more public holidays here in Malaysia. But overall, its a good country if you can fit in to the hectic culture.

  4. I’m a Malaysian working in Singapore, then married to a Singaporean. At first, only thinking to earn money from Singapore because the currency is bigger, and also thinking to experience the kind of life over in Singapore, but today,I don’t think I will want to go back to Malaysia as I find the lifestyle is very different between the two countries, especially the transport system and the infrastructure. Transportation in Singapore is fantastic, so convenient…unlike malaysia, unless you have a car, otherwise is going to be very inconvenient, and the road is so congested, you can easily spend 2-3hrs jam on the road…

    But one thing cannot deny, you will hardly find a good boss in Singapore.

  5. Should give it a try
    If you can earn more than S$3000/mth
    You are still young,
    You work in S’pore & stay in JB
    You like the environment there, e.g low crime, good infrastructure

  6. I suppose there are pros and cons with each country. As for people who earn a lot in Singapore and come back without any $$$, I would think of it as their own problem. It’s their spending habit should adjusted or controlled. As for me, I;m in Malaysia now but find majority colleagues just take it easy attitude. Some of the colleague and I would love to get the work done asap, but it ain’t going to work without everyone’s corporation.

  7. It’s all depend on individual awareness about where they are, what they are and who they are.If we don’t forget this 3 things I’m sure will success in Singapore or wherever country we go or work for.

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