Withdraw Payment Via Western Union

Last time when I went to Public Bank, the only thing that makes me feel curious is the new payment option, which available now in Malaysia – Western Union. I did use paypal but never use Western Union before. After done a lot of research, I found that the difference between Paypal and Western Union is not much. Paypal is owned by eBay and more advertises on security issue whereas Western Union does not but you will know whom you are sending money to.

Western union send money

There are 4 Malaysia Western Union Options currently:

=> POS Malaysia Berhad
=> CIMB Bank (charge additional US$15 for US cheque greater than US$1000, from other people opinion).
=> RHB Bank Berhad(exchange rate will be better a bit, from other people opinion).
=> Public Bank Berhad

In other countries, there have more Western Union agent locations. You can find it in POS office, banks, supermarkets, travel agencies, airport, train and bus station, and currency exchange offices.

Advantages of Using Western Union

I heard people said that it takes about 14 days to receive an AdSense cheque from Google. Then, it takes around 30 days for cheque clearing.

If use Western Union, it takes only 2 days to receive your AdSense payment in Malaysian Ringgit. So, you can enjoy more faster transaction. Plus, you can observe the currency rate first then only decide which day to withdraw your AdSense money. This may help you to withdraw money at your reasonable rate.

So far, I still cannot find any drawback of using Western Union, would you mind to let me know more details about it?

7 thoughts on “Withdraw Payment Via Western Union”

  1. bro, the rate are base on the sender rate, so no matter when you withdrawl, the rate will be same with the sending date.

    also WU only allow 45days to collect the payment, after 45days, will return to sender.

  2. Thanks for the additional info…i think your information will be slightly accurate than others…

    it’s ok for me since that’s information that i’ve provided are based on people views and experience..i used the statement “i heard people said…” since i don have any concrete evidence to prove it yet…

  3. Hmm, i remember when i withdraw my google adsense with western union ar.. the staff asked me tonnes of questions lar..

    I don’t know it is compulsory to ask so many questions for withdrawal or he himself interested in how I earn the money.. hehe..

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