My New Year’s Resolution for 2016 (Part 2)

What are my plans for 2016?

1. Keep Career Goals On Track


My career resolution is to work smarter, not harder.  Moving to the next level of my career within the next 3 years will be my ultimate goal. My current strategy is to break larger goals into manageable tasks. A large goal can seem quite difficult and impossible to achieve, but if you break it into smaller tasks that will eventually add up to achieving your career goal. Also, I need to be different from others and provide something different.

It is not a sprint but a marathon, which requires commitment and perseverance to make our life better.

2. Maintain Healthy Lifestyle

Go for 5K run on regular basis, one 10K every month, one 20K every quarter and one 40K in every 6 months.


Overall, I did very well in 2015 due to consistency in hitting my monthly target of 60K. Next year I will try to be a one percenter. If I ran 5K in 30mins, I will try to improve it by 30 seconds in every subsequent session. They key is to make progress and slow progress is better than no progress. It is the small victories that will lead closer to the finish line.

Go for gym. This is my new goal set for next year. It’s quite challenging given the current workload and personal commitments, however I will schedule my workout sessions for that to do more stretching exercises.

3. Build Net Worth


I always look for opportunities to diversify my investment into more asset classes with the aim to achieve more balanced portfolio. As a smart investor, we can try to invest in property, bond, stocks, real estate investment trust, commodities or private equity to build more diversified portfolio that can help to manage the risk when dealing with market uncertainties.

From next year onwards, I will do regular review on my investment portfolio, optimise the returns on idle money especially those poor performing funds, and set aside 20% of total assets for foreign investments.


Also, I will put more efforts to achieve double-digit annual income growth starting from year 2020. With that, liquid asset with fixed return is the key to achieving this goal. So, I will SAVE more next year.

4. Keep Learning

There’s always a risk if you do not have the chance to progress, it’s important to work day in day out, keep trying to learn and strive to become the best. I will continue to look for training opportunities to expand my responsibilities and develop new skills in my current profession to stay ahead.


Get involved is not enough but also need to reach out. I will try to make new friends when attending any events and learn from experience they have made which can help me to save the possible errors in the future.

5. Need for Personal Change

Act now rather than later if not it will be an opportunity cost.Starting early is always easier and cheaper to fail but if you do it later then the price to pay is more costly.


Things that i’m going to make it possible:
i. Make timely decisions
ii. Be productive
iii. Stop procrastination as it leads to missed opportunity
iv. Maintain strong work ethics

6. Embrace New Technology

Like it or not, there is no one-size-fits-all in the market anymore, everything you do at a certain point in time will slowly become irrelevant. Because of digital technologies, the way we work has changed.

Technology is making many businesses that do not innovate obsolete. Thus, it’s crucial to know the current trend line for your personal area of expertise. Make sure that the changing technology does not threaten your prospective position. If not, you will need to seriously consider a future place that can keep you sharp and marketable.


The wearable tech market is growing. But, how many of you currently own wearable tech devices? And how many are interested in buying in the months to come? I plan to get a smart watch next year for sports tracking (distance, calorie, etc), sleep tracking (sleeping time, sleeping quality) and also used it as event reminder to run my errands more efficiently.

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