24 Hours Per Day Not Enough

Do you often feel that 24 hours is not enough to do your task?

Time is crucial for all of us. We all have 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, equals to 168 hours per week. Take out 49 hours for sleep and we are still have 119 hours to achieve all what we want. We cannot save time, it can only be spent. And there’s only two ways to spend our time either we spend it wisely, or, not so wisely.

Finding more time in a day may be impossible, but managing what we do during that time could make more senses. But if you are tired, your productivity will be adversely impacted

I’m not a secret agent on a mission but just want to tell that we must have a written plan based on priorities and goals since more easily to remember the things that we need to accomplish.

If you can plan your day and work your plan, you will get more done, feel a higher sense of accomplishment and experience less stress.

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9 thoughts on “24 Hours Per Day Not Enough”

  1. I always have many plans one. But everyday plan plan already sure got something happen, then plan have to change already…swt…

    So much to do in a day, but so lil time to spend. sobx !

  2. if feel not enough means that you are making use of the time rather than people who may feel that the time is very dard to pass over

  3. Saw your Entrecard and to come view your Blog. Very impressive! Actually I made a similiar post about Time Management today. You need a schedule to follow or you get burned out and sometimes frustration sets in from being overtired.

  4. 24 hours sure not enough but we must make use of time to generate more useful thing or let thing work for us..

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