Allow Your Girl Friend For Breast Implants?

If your girlfriend wants breast implants, will you allow her to do? For me, I am not opposed to, though I personally very much like hotter girl with bigger boobs. If my girl friend really pretty and acceptable enough, then I will say “Honey, you look beautiful already, but if that is what you want, and will make you feel better then you should go ahead.” I know that is exactly the kind of suck up response women hate. For man rules response in my opinion is the best.

An even more important question is are you going to pay for them? If I were being the position as her “boyfriend”, I would not pay for them. Let her pay for them. So, I will give mental support for her choice 100% whatever she does, but it’s got to be her money that does it.

I can help to do research for her if she does decide to get implants, make sure that the type of implants are available, the pros and cons of going in front of the muscle or behind the muscle, and some of the possible complications.

There are a lot of breast surgeryrelated websites to do research on. This is good for ladies who is looking for bringing up her breasts and boost up her confidence even more.

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