Amanah Saham 1Malaysia vs ASM/ASW2020


Amanah Saham 1Malaysia (AS 1Malaysia), which is the largest fund currently will be opened for public subscription from 5th August – 3rd September 2009(30-day offer period). During the offer period, the AS 1Malaysia will not incur any sale charges.

Same as previous Amanah Saham Malaysia and Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020, the minimum initial investment for Amanah Saham 1Malaysia is 100 units while the minimum top up investment is one unit. It will be priced at RM1.00 per unit with a total fund size of 10 billion units.

Everybody knows how Amanah Saham works: Place in RM1,000 or so, and wait till the end of the year to get your “dividend”. That’s it.


The units is subject to an allocation of:
– 50% for Bumiputeras
– 30% for Chinese (So, there will be 3 billions allocated for the Chinese)
– 15% for Indians
– 5% for other races.

Why Amanah Saham 1Malaysia is Launched?

Amanah Saham 1Malaysia is launched to stimulate the local stock market and other investment instruments so that the industry can pick up through new capital investment and provide more employment opportunities.

Where to Invest Amanah Saham 1Malaysia?

Investment in cash are available at:
– Maybank
– Post Office (I suggest you to buy at post office because it opens at 8:30am while bank open 9:15am or 9:30am)

Comparison Between Amanah Saham 1Malaysia and ASM/ ASW2020

The maximum investment limit for Amanah Saham 1Malaysia has been set at 50,000 units per accountholder for those aged between 18 and 55 while Amanah Saham Malaysia had been set at 20,000 units per accountholder.

For me, AS 1Malaysia is not as good as other PNB funds. This is because:

My view no. 1: Other PNB trust funds like ASM and ASW2020 give out dividend based on the returns of their investment portfolios, which are 95% equity and 5% others. Their returns have been consistently above 6% over the years. Of course, this does not mean that it cannot go lower than 6%.

For AS 1Malaysia, the returns are to be benchmarked against the returns from the Malaysian Government Securities, which mostly come from bond fund. This is between 3.7% – 4% only. So, I think that AS 1Malaysia may not give out dividends higher than 6%.

My view no. 2: While ASM and ASW2020 have a fixed unit price of RM1, they do not have the transactions charges. That basically means, when you invested RM1000 into ASW2020, you will get 1000 units. But for AS 1Malaysia, there may have transaction charges AFTER the offer period (from 5th Aug 2009 – 3rd September).

My view no. 3: AS 1Malaysia with 10 billion units are too big for the fund to be manageable in a proper manner. Based on my understanding, the fund is almost performing as bad when the fund was close to 2 billion units although many experts think that 2 billion is just nice manageable amount of investment.

My conclusion is, go buy AS 1Malaysia if you have extra cash in the bank. The returns should be higher than the current bank’s interest rates. But it will probably not be as attractive as ASM or ASW2020.

Tips for Buying Amanah Saham 1Malaysia

I would like to share a tip for buying Amanah Saham 1Malaysia. Queue up as early as possible. It’s better for you to suffer from getting up early than having a super long waiting time.

If possible, take the application form from the banks or post offices and fill before you go on that day so that you won’t be lost on that super crowd day.

For employees, hope it is not too late to apply leave now…

63 thoughts on “Amanah Saham 1Malaysia vs ASM/ASW2020”

  1. hmm, although it’s not returning as much as ASM and ASW2020 but then if we didn’t get to buy the previous 2 funds, then I guess this is the time we invest on this 1Malaysia. Although the return is lower, but still higher than FD.

  2. hi,

    thanks for sharing this information and your view of comparison between AS1M and ASW/ASW2020 . Though the returns is not as attractive as ASW/ASW2020 , still it is better than FD rate. So, with extra cash , this AS1M is not a bad choice .

  3. WARNING, WARNING, WARNING : I read the prospectus. AS1M is not capital guarantee…Please warn your loved one and anybody. The gimmick of 50K and 100K and allocation percentage are to confuse genuine investor of thinking it is the same as ASM and ASW….Please call them now before they kena tembak…

  4. People, for the offer period now : no sales charge. But when the time comes for you to selloff, then there will be a sales charge to your transaction. Unless you keep this fund forever without selling off and just earning the yearly dividends only; you will be hit with a sales charge later; UNLIKE the ASM and ASW2020.

  5. Talking about selling off…the post office people said we cannot sell off our unit?? I don’t believe her. Where else we could obtain more information? ASNB website is too brief.

  6. As they say a sucker is born daily. There is no gurantee in everything in Malaysia. Just look at the English education. Yet Malaysian like to have their money trapped inside the EVIL UMNO pockets with a FREEZE on your redemption when you need it most. Malaysia likes moving laws, regulations, targets because that is their mentality. Buy at your own peril. Some foreign banks are offering above 4% interest. So many bonds are near 5%. The difference between a $100k invested after a year is just $1,000 ringgit at best, yet when $100,000 is Frozen from withdrawal, you will know your Stupidity!!

  7. Refer to CK,
    “Sales charge” will be added to be
    part of the “purchase cost”. That means you need to pay sales charge during the time you want to purchase it.
    No “redemption charge” imposed.That means you no need to pay redemption charge during the time you want to sell off.

  8. I’ve purchased a small amount and dont know whether its wise to break my FD (6 MTHS OLD – Fixed for a year)and purchase the amanah saham 1 malaysia

  9. Can any wise member explain the difference of fixed selling price of RM1 and capital not guaranteed. Does it mean that the selling price is always RM1 and the selling price may not be RM1? My understaning is: Since the selling price is fixed at RM1, then the redeeming price will never go above RM1 but can only be lower. Am I right?
    How about ASM and ASW2020, are they also having a fixed selling price of RM1 and capital not guarenteed?

  10. iam a gambler and so i am to bet some on this AS1M..and since gambling is luxury don’t you gamble if no money.. go find out more and get the facts right. don’t be like me full of uncertainty..

  11. I think this kind of fund is always capital not guaranteed. Fixed price means buying and selling always the same price. I think generally there is no difference between ASW2020, ASW and AS1M.

  12. ASM, ASW & AS1M are not capital guaranteed funds but they are fixed price funds. The ASNB agent explained and said that not capital guaranteed mean if there is big disaster like World War III happened and the all economic collapsed, you may lose some (maybe all) of your investment capital (I think this applied to most of the unit trust products in the market).
    The beauty of ASM, ASW & AS1M is they are fixed price. You buy at RM1 and you sell at RM1 too. You can sell and redeem your money on the spot (they pay cash for redemption amount less than RM10,000, if more than that they pay cheque). Thatโ€™s mean you can park your money at AS1M until you find another high return investment tool. Donโ€™t worry about the dividen, the ASNB agent told me that ASM, ASW & AS1M are pro-rated funds. You will still can your dividen even though you have sold them out before the dividen entitled date.
    It is unfair to estimate the return first since the fund managers still havenโ€™t received the money and still havenโ€™t do the investment yet. The ASNB agent emphazised that ASM, ASW & AS1M are about the same in sense of the pattern of risk and the dividen distribution.
    If I am not mistaken, until now AS1M is still available to buy. Donโ€™t miss this opportunity, just grab little since you only can buy in this offer period. No harm to buy, if you regret, you can sell at anytime.. Good lucks.

  13. I think the blogger assumption is totally wrong. Are you sure the return is only 3.7% to 4%? If you are not PNB staff then don’t simply say. It’s such a silly assumption.

    How you know the price will change after the offer period? I think you do not understand the meaning of “Fixed price at RM1.00 per unit”. Don’t give your stupid assumption. Still the same, if you are not PNB staff then don’t simply do your stupid assumption.

  14. ASM is registered under one name. What happens to the money in case the account holder dies? Is there any nomination form to fill to name the nominees to the money in the account? Thanks.

  15. Please Do not buy the ASM thingy. Check the pnb website for all the past performance of pnb asm. Think people, who will run the fund – Chinese, Indian or Malay. Not to be prejudice my malay friend, your maths are pretty sucks. Base on the past performance of ALL the funds they are losing money left and right according to the annual report (laporan tahun) they are ALL losing money but some how they able to give 7% or 8.5% dividend, I don’t know what you call it in Malaysia but in United States we call it Ponzi (or Madoff) scam. You gave him $1 and he gave you back 0.07 every year and you are happy but actually they are losing money on the investment. Read the annual report, my malay is very weak now but I can read something like “Kos” (The cost of the stock) and “harga pasaran” (The market value)

    and they are losing listen – average 35% in 2008 in most of the funds, how can they declare 7% dividend?

  16. The principle is of course not guarantee are you kidding me? My malaysia friends if you bought into this scam (by your own government, sigh….) sell it right away even though if you lost some money…As those asm wawa..2020, as far as I know now they don’t give you money anymore instead they give u unit. Can you guess why they do that? The answer is they already “pok kai”.

  17. So where to put our money?
    FD – interest too low
    Stock market – too risky
    Unit Trust – also risky
    Properties? Also risky too..
    The money better put in Milo tin..

  18. since i bought tis AS1M, at tat time when buying, they told me that dividen will declare at the end of 30 sept..but till nw still don’t know the return rate yet…

  19. Dear Sir, im from MIC NATIONAL YOUTH and i would like to enquire the Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia shares for the Indians allocated is 80% refering to the recent news. How shall i promote the shares to my fellow Indians to grab the allocation? Kindly mail me or call my hp 102-3662241. Maybe we the MIC Youth can aware the Indians to purchase. tq

  20. Agent Banks should upgrade their networking or software so that they no more excuse “offline”, frustrated after long long wait.

    We as buyers make alot of efforts to cash our “blood and sweat” money, time or even take leave just to buy ASM or Wawasan…………..

  21. may i know that izn’t we will pay the dividen too, even i m sell back all the share of amanah saham 1 malaysia at the moment less than 1 years??
    when the date will be announnment for tat interest rate??

  22. With the recent announcement by Mr Idris Jala, I am more nervous about putting more money into any instrument in Malaysia. If Malaysia “falls” in 2019, or perhaps earlier in 2017 or 2018, I think the PNB funds will be the first to get hit. Then we will not be able to take back our money anymore. What do you all think ?

  23. I can only think of some consequences if Msia falls, as in :-

    1) No more money can be withdrawn from the EPF.

    2) No more units can be sold and realized into Ringgit and Sen if we redeem any funds that we hold from PNB.

    3) Government departments not payingtheir suppliers and contractors anymore.

    4) Perhaps paycuts for Government and public sector employees too.

    Any others please ?

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  25. Better invest your (long-term) money in EPF.

    PNB is exempted from MASB (Malaysia Accounting Standard Board) reporting. Why exempted? I don’t know but it is very “special”. How come all other company have to comply with MASB but PNB is exempted?


  26. wahaha…the interest is annouced 6.38cent per unit for AS1M…feel so happy because it is even higher than ASW2020(6.35cent per unit)

  27. Just got my dividend today, short of the RM0.0638 cents oer unit as announced. Sight need to seek clarification tomorrow. To be fair, the return is pretty decent at 6.38% as opposed to the current fixed income instruments.

  28. Sean, the return is less than 6.38% because the rate has been pro-rated. That’s mean you bought the fund less than 1 year.

  29. Can someone share with me how the pro rated calculation done for Amanah Saham 1Malaysia? There is short when i do the calculation. I made an investment on 05/08/2009 & 27/04/2010

  30. Just clarified with our PNB folks.

    The 6.38% yield is essentially for a period of 13 months and 27 days (the inception of this Fund till 30 September 2010). Hence effectively the yield is only abt 5.8% ๐Ÿ™

    Was so happy earlier. Thou I found gold ๐Ÿ™

  31. thangalaxmi, just update your book at ASNB or any bank agent or pos office. Let them calculate. The $$$ that you put on 05/08/2009 (during offer period), sure can get 6.38% dividen. For the $$ that you invested in 27/04/2010 (about 5 months), you may get roughly (6.38%/(5/12)) %.

  32. Can someone read the press release by PNB and see if there is any misrepresentation. As a layman, upon reading it I would thou it is 6.38% for the period from 5 Aug 2009 – 30 Sept 2010. Hence essentially the rate should be higher than 6.38% if I would have invested from the launch of the fund ๐Ÿ™

    What a BIG let down ๐Ÿ™ Shit

  33. Thangalaxmi, 1 Malaysia Fund was launched on 5 Augusut 2009. Hence how did you invest before the launch date ie on 28 April 2009? I guess that could be a different fund? the ASM Fund?

  34. Sean, thangalaxmi invested the money into AS1M for 2nd time after the offer period, 27-04-2010 this year. So, the dividen is calculated based on investment period between 27-04-2010 and 30-09-2010.

  35. thanks Angelina,

    Then the dividend Thangalaxmi should get would be 6.38%/5/13months and 27 days)% or alternatively it is (5.5%/5/12)%

  36. wtf…what a shit putting me down…it is actually 5.5% per annual only.i am so happy since the first time i know that the dividen is 6.38%.i had a bad feeling like they “made used” of us,used our money to invest.then give us only small amount of interest as return.i wonder that should i continue to invest AS1MALAYSIA or not..

  37. Tq very much guys. Now i understand why the return was less. I was under the impression that 6.38% for five months.Anyway, i feel very relieve now.Thanks again for the help!

  38. For your infor, the other funds (eg ASM, ASB, ASN) declared a dividend in the range of 6.35% to 7 odd %


    Who want to buy??? I am selling tomorrow liao

  39. 1. Actually ASM, ASW and AS1M all about the same.
    2. ASB – Sorry, just for bumi only and the return always higher than ASM, ASW or AS1M. So, don’t compare the performance.
    3. ASN – This is non fixed price fund. It is just like normal unit trust fund and sometimes you may loss your money if you invest in wrong time.

  40. If want to compare ASM, ASW or ASM, make sure the availability for this 3 funds. If I am not mistaken, this 3 funds are closed for Chinese quota. So why don’t just keep the money in whatever fund you have. Once you sell off, the chances the buy back is very low.

  41. Sold all my units..5.5% per annual is NOT attractive at all to me..Feel like has been cheated. Transfer all my investment to Public Mutual funds (diversify in both equity and bond fund)and get better return since last 3 months. Anyone interested may contact me @ for details.

  42. Is the divident earned from Amanah Saham Malaysia and Amanah saham 1 Malayia taxable,meaning do we need to delcare it in our BE forms?

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