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Cashflow 101 E-Game

Hi Readers, My name is Calvyn from, IT Engineer‘s Blog. Thank for our Malaysia’s Financial Blogger -> Mr. Money for giving me this opportunity as a Guest Blogger to bluff here.

I read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” during my academic time and a great number of people from Multi Level Marketing read this book mainly for self motivation. Besides, I also saw people play Cashflow 101 board game before. Most of them have their same word and said that this is a wonderful game. However, one set of Cashflow 101 board game cost few hundred USD and sadly said that I was not afford to buy even 1 set of board game at that time.

Cashflow 101 e-game

I had surveyed on Cashflow 101 chinese version which also sell in Popular book store cost about MYR350-MYR400. Damn expensive !!! Thus, E-game is the only alternatives. I tried to search over whole lowyat plaza but unfortunately i could not find Cashflow 101 P-Version which is the most people like it. At last, I manage to find a copy from a small retail shop at Penang. According to the shopkeeper, he said this E-Game is not so demanding, and not much people know how to play cashflow 101 e-Game.

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, also the creater of Cashflow 101. He always mention that for working class people just similar to “a rat in the race”. To run out of rat race, we need to know how to manage our cash flow. Continue reading