Average Rated G-Hotel Buffet

Quite some time did not update my personal life here…Just to share with you that yesterday I went to celebrate 1 of my work colleagues farewell party with lunch buffet at G-Hotel.

At first, when we go through the lobby and the cafe…The environment look very nice and modern but if want to criticize on food and desserts, it definitely take me some time to do that. Hence, I just simply go through with you.


Wow!! How scrumptious looking of the desserts! But the taste so so la…


Actually, there were so few of varieties and the taste of food didn’t impress me much and I only took 1 round of it and 2 or 3 round of desserts because I like sweet ma…I may not feel regret since I didn’t spent most of my time for visiting the toilet. (No “Lau Sai”At All)  But, I may feel dissatisfy, and may be no more such suggestion on next time. (Seriously)

Their service can be considered OK and no annoying thing happen. Overall, it is not worth the price at all…

Kindly suggest me where can I enjoy better buffet in town besides Golden Sands Hotel?

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8 thoughts on “Average Rated G-Hotel Buffet”

  1. I rarely take buffet because despite my size(big), I cannot stomach much food especially when it’s buffet style. So potong steam right? It’s like I hear the buffet word my stomach got all cramp up and became tiny. My mum used to say if bring me and my sisters to buffet, rugi teruk.

    Anyway, I heard from my sis that she likes the Park Royal one. I’ll ask her when she is back from holiday and suggest to u. Since I can’t enjoy buffet, you enjoy on my behalf and I read while drool. =P

  2. huh I used to stay in G Hotel room but never tried their buffet because as you know Penang is food heaven mah…. seriously their toilet is very nice la.. but then the display pic above the dessert doesn’t look nice leh..

  3. Shangri-La not bad..

    oh ya, heard quite a lot of ppl said One world hotel’s buffet nice, about RM90+ per person, but i nv try before.

    u go try then let me know whether it’s nice or not lar!! :p

  4. if you plan to go to g-hotel for buffet dinner.. then better dont.. the service is bad, the food is lack of variety, not fresh and etc..
    better dont go to try it!! many ppl complain abt it if u search frm goggle..
    js to share the experience with you guys..

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