Beware of Malaysia Phone Call Scam !!!

As most Malaysian knows, our newspaper will be flooded by a lot of interesting news each period of time. Nowadays, i can see that more and more SMS Scam cases capturing the highlights of our local newspaper. Recently, I have received a phone call asking if I can do a phone survey, and they would like to know more about the consumer’s buying pattern. I have given them a chance and answered several questions and at the end of the call, the operator gave me a number. He invited me to attend their shop and said that i can have chance to win the “lucky draw” prizes.


I did not go for the event but i received a phone call that tells me i have won the lucky draw which is the cash prizes of RM100k and the event organizer request my bank account number in order for them to transfer money to me. I did not quite believe with him and i refused to give him my bank account number. Instead of that, I told them to write a cheque for me but he gave excuses that they are unable to send me the cheque but they have opened a temporary account in Hong Kong’s Bank where they have placed the money there and also gave me the account number & password to access that the account. Then, i started to call the bank and the automated voice machine said that i have HK$200k deposited. However, i still cannot fully trust them and request them for more proof and they gave me a website where they sell products.

Luckily, before i fully trust on it, i called up the “Real Bank” with a number found on bank’s website and confirmed that there is no such account number, no such service as temporary account, and even the number of the bank is not registered as 1 of their branches.

So, please be aware of such scam calls and never give them your Identity card number and bank account number else they will transfer out all your money. Based on my understanding, bank will never request for bank account number through call. This is because bank do it all the time and should know more better than me. If they still request, you just said that you can only give them your last 4 digits of your bank account number.

As you know Malaysia population 25 millions and if they cheated half of the population with 12 millions and let say only 6 millions bank in the money RM1000. How much they can earn? 6 million x RM1000. So, those suckers become the billionaire!!! Do you wan this to be happened?

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  1. Hi, David. Your blog really amazing and helped me in my sales also. Especially I am asking friend to make saving one. With the facts and figures in your blog, I am sure they will start to think to do saving.

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