Building Business of Manufacturing in Mexico

The reason why Mexico manufacturers ranked high in the world economy is because they are well known in manufacturing. Mexico manufacturers produce both domestic and international products. Based on the historical record, quite a great number of manufacturers started their manufacturing in Mexico with very basic assembly operations but turned out into successful companies.

Mexico manufacturing

Personally think that Mexico manufacturers are as good as China manufacturers and you can find many skillful employees there. The impact of Mexico manufacturers on US economy is similar to the impact of China manufacturers to the Asian economy. But, they also had its toughest time during year 2001 to 2003 because of the slowdown in the economy of U.S and the impact of China as a competitor of low cost manufacturing.

Most of the Mexican manufacturers will more prefer to implement their business using shelter manufacturing method due to low cost for labor workforce. Most of the time, the labor workforce in Mexico is very stable and reliable. So, Mexico has a good ratio of core labor workers and the job opportunity in Mexico was also very wide. This is the reason why many foreign company like to invest more on labor work force in Mexico.

One of the Mexico manufacturing method – shelter manufacturing which is to transport the product back and forth. Yet, shelter manufacturing in Mexico is still cheaper compare to other countries. Many manufacturers in the United States do not understand Mexico. All they know that labor is much cheaper in Mexico.

As conclusion, running own business is believed to be more profitable. Well, it is quiet logical because rather than working in the company, you can build up your own company and you will be the decision maker for your own business. And, who does not want to be boss for their own life? I am sure everybody also have same kind of dream like me, right?

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