Buy Magnum Without Spending Your Pocket Money

Today, i want to share with you on how to buy magnum in a smart way. I believe that many people especially chinese will buy magnum during weekday (wednesday) and weekend (saturday & sunday). But mostly they will buy magnum using their hard earned money, if they did not win on that particular day, they may feel very uncomfortable.

Haha…Why must act and behave like that since i have some good way for you but it’s only valid for weekend only.

ImDavidLee Suggested Idea:
Buy “Guang Ming” newspaper (RM 1.20) on every saturday and cut off the Magnum coupon which displayed as I posted below. By doing this, your newspaper only cost you RM 0.20 or if u buy the newspaper as usual one then u can buy your luck without spending your money. Depends on how u think la…Hehe..

With this coupon, you will be entitled for free RM 1 to buy whatever number u like. It is valid for 2 days means that u can buy on either saturday or sunday of that particular week.

After ‘kena 4 ekor’, please donate me some ya…Haha..

3 thoughts on “Buy Magnum Without Spending Your Pocket Money”

  1. it’s a good kwong wah reader actually but now mayb can consider to read guang ming sinc got such benefits ..

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