Buying Silver as an Investment

No doubt, silver investment is getting hotter nowadays. Global demand in silver continues unabated. When the dollar collapses and becomes worthless, silver and gold values will be increased by world-wide supply and demand.

Back to past few years, new investment vehicles are introduced to the market. Apart from investing in stocks, bonds and other financial instruments, investing in precious metals such as gold and silver became a promising investment strategy to preserve their wealth.

silver investment

As we can see, gold became the most popular of the precious metal investment. However, the gold price has been skyrocketing due to high investment in gold. So, now we should move our focus into silver investment as it used to be traded in the same way as our real money and it’s remains to be valuable for few decades.

Besides that, in some markets, the value of silver was increased faster than other precious metals such as gold. While gold had only doubled its value, silver investments have shown to more than doubled their values. So, investing in silver has a greater multiplier than gold.

I believe that silver will outperform gold in the future, and that now is the great time to buy silver. Plus, it’s undervalued now. You can buy it at 35-36 USD/oz, a delayed investment will make silver even costlier. So, the next step I plan to do is maximising my investment portfolio in silver. How about you?

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