Calculate Your Income Tax For the Year of Assessment 2009

The last day to submit individual income tax is 30th April 2010 and it’s advisable to use e-Filling system to submit your e-BE form so the IRB of Malaysia will not chase you after that due to late submission.

e-Be form


Make sure that you read all the income tax FAQ and help before filling the form so that you are not getting into trouble with the income tax laws.

I noticed that still many people do not know why we need to pay income tax. Almost everyone who has to pay income tax is reluctant to pay it. We pay income tax is to allow our government to make use of our money to build the schools and public hospitals, public library, sidewalks, and other infrastructure, which are important to each one of us.

How To Calculate Income Tax Malaysia ?

Now, you can try to pay your income tax via e-filing website which is The entire filing process is done online and all calculations will be automatically calculated after you key in the amount. You can even save your work and come back again to complete the tax filling at anytime.

Or, if you want to calculate your income tax locally first, then you can try this Borang BE 2009 spreadsheet calculator. Please feel free to download it here:
Borang Income Tax BE 2009

How If Pay the Income Tax After Due Date?

If you do not pay your tax before the due date which is 30th April then you need to pay the penalty charge which is 10% increased and if found any balance remaining unpaid upon the expiration of 60 days from the due date then it will be further increased by 5% of the balance unpaid.

So, try don’t wait till last minute to pay your income tax as you might not able to pay income tax on time due to high traffic of e-filling website. For all taxpayer, please do remember to keep all the records and relevant receipts or documents for at least 7 years for investigation purpose.

6 thoughts on “Calculate Your Income Tax For the Year of Assessment 2009”

  1. What is SG xxxxxxx and OG xxxxxx difference? My brother in law was SG xxxxxx last year but this year he received the preprinted BE Form as OG xxxxxxxxx. He is wondering why and we have yet to submit our Income Tax!!

    It used to be high profiled in the media, banners, radio, etc to pay income tax reminder of dateline. I was waiting for the BE Form to come as a reminder and there was no mentioned of it in the newspaper or radio or highlight banner outside the IRB office in town. I thought BN was giving extension of one month to 31 May haha. Really forgotten this time. Last year I submit 1st time vide e-filing. Is that why they did not mail me my form?
    They did not even email a reminder or advertise in media like previous years. Income Tax want to get more income from penalties courtesy of busy people like us who tend to be reminded?? And why need to have password (one a year for e-filing) when the PIN from last year suffice. Even want to do e-filing get road blocked by the PASSWORD. And the challenge doesn’t help even though I key-in my favourite food ie nasi lemak, nothing happens? And my mother’s name? Even I key in correct, nothing happens!! This is cheating. Still have to go IRB tomorrow dateline when I thought I can sneak in after midnight to do e-filing. Damned!!
    Back to my brother in law. He received an EA Form from his employer and the also received an EA Form from his own Sdn Bhd partnership business. Does he have to combine the amount and fill in one BE form or submit as two? Or throw one EA Form away and fill a BE Form. He not yet done e-filing (last day tomorrow) and he received by mail only one BE Form. Thanks!!

    Andrew Chua

  2. I agree that we all need to pay income tax to build and develop the country. In some country where a lot of people people avoid paying tax like Greece and Italy, the country’s economy is in really bad shape. So, as a responsible citizen, we must pay our income tax. However, paying tax is not enough. As a responsible citizen, we must also be alert and monitor how the goverment use our tax money to see if they use it at the right place. If not,our hard-earned tax monet is all wasted.

  3. Hi Sir,
    where i can get the English version of ” Borang BE 2009 spreadsheet calculator. Please provide me the english version of the calculator to download it ”

    Thanks in advance..

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