Can You Survive With Salary RM3,000 If You Have Family?

Do you think that you can survive with salary RM3,000 in Malaysia nowadays. Based on my personal survey, I noticed that in Malaysia, the average family income is RM3,000 per month. But, I do understand that there are still many families whose monthly income does not reach RM3,000.


In order to make calculation simple, let’s take RM3,000 as the figure:

Electricity bill: RM40 (Assume no air-con, no water heater)

Water bill: RM10

Phone bill: RM100

Family meal: RM900 (3 meals on RM30/day)

Car repayment: RM450 (A Perodua Myvi, 5 years repayment)

Petrol fees: RM150-200

House repayment: RM550 (Assume living in low medium cost apartment)

Personal insurance: RM400 (combination of you and your wife)

Total monthly expenses: RM2,650

All the above calculation have not taken into account when you have own children. Besides, the EPF and income tax haven’t deducted. So, do you think family with salary RM3,000 enough to survive? Obviously, you will say cannot, am I right?

However, I have one friend who works as technician with the salary RM1,500 and his wife works as operator monthly gained about RM800. Total is only RM2300!!! But they still can survive with that! Malaysian Boleh !!! So, there’s nothing is impossible in this country!

Honestly, Malaysia is one of the lowest salary range country. You try to compare with our neighbour country, Ringgit to Ringgit and Singapore dollar to Singapore dollar…In Singapore, you can get Char Kuey Teow for S$3, Malaysians can’t get that in KL city, but you still possible to find it in certain area in Penang.

3 thoughts on “Can You Survive With Salary RM3,000 If You Have Family?”

  1. It all depends on one’s life style, how you trim your life style to match with the earnings. Other factors such as family members, race, commitments.

  2. Malaysian no development..poor thinking,just know to talk loudly, but do thats why we still in behind the other country..

  3. Like oo said, it depends on one’s lifestyle. Currently, i’m earning RM5200 per month working in a local bank as a Senior Executive. With 2 car payments to be made (one’s a new Honda City, and the other’s a Myvi for my family to use), credit card payments and whatnot, i’ve calculated that i’ve still approximately around RM2,290 left for bills payments and whatnot. And i have not purchased a house yet. Once i buy a house, i reckon i barely have enough left to spend.

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