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My Year 2008 Achievement & Year 2009 Plan


Year 2008 almost come to the end, what I had done in this year? The only thing that makes me felt proud is ability of making a lot of money from Internet. Using Internet to generate US$ and I keep on telling people that I can earn US$ even I stay in Malaysia…Haha…Sounds a bit lansi, right?

How Much I Earned From Internet ?

To be frankly for you, I started my personal blog with own domain and hosting since January of 2008. And my blog started earning money since May of 2008. My average earning is about MYR 377/month (Total Internet Income/ 12 months). However, I still not yet count advertising earning into this total Internet income.

What Is My Next Year Plan ?

My next year plan would be tougher plan for me to achieve. I plan to make and maintain US$ 100 per month; this should not be a big obstacle if based on my current blog’s potential. But, the only problem that I may encounter is hardly to attract and maintain 500 visitors per day. This is important to increase my blog’s traffic and subsequently may increase my Internet earning.

Besides that, I always do hope that I can get my Google Page Rank 3 back as I rely so much on it to get advertiser attention. This is my Internet weapon and that’s the reason I always say Google Is My Boss.

Running Internet business will be my next source of my multiple income plans. I will plan to work together with my partner to do some web application business since he has a lot of ideas and marketing skills. I have several good domains in hands and planning to sell it out to gain some profit. Meanwhile, I will keep on doing domain investment.

For my fixed salary job, I am doing something to change my career path, and looking for more competitive task to do rather than always stick to the same and cannot see the next move. I hope that this time is my most suitable job towards my future business. Although people think that it’s not a great time to make such decision during this recession but I feel that they are wrong and we should not take only this as one of the factors to determine your future goals.

What To Buy & Where To Travel During Recession ?

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Google Ranked Me PR 3

Huh…It’s impressed me indeed. Last 2 months my Page Rank drop from 2 to 0. This happened to me when I noticed that writing post that’s offered by advertiser could lead to getting zero Page Rank. However, I gained back higher page rank just start of this month.


With this PR, I can earn much more money from now on. I also hope that this can last forever.

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