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How to Payback PTPTN Online with CIMBClicks?

It is convenient for you to make PTPTN repayment now. There is lot of Internet banking that you can select from such as Public Bank, CIMB, Hong Leong Bank, RHB and etc. The entire process for PTPTN repayment won’t take you more than 5 minutes to complete. Isn’t that great?

Previously, I was using PBeBank to make PTPTN loan repayment but now I will recommend you to use CIMBClicks service as it’s the lowest service charge in the town! How much? It’s just RM0.50 charges incurred. It really can save you a lot of money.

Here I want to share with you’ll on how to payback your PTPTN loan using online banking:

Step 1: Login to your CIMBClicks account, select “Bill Payment“.

Step 2: Then select Payee Category to “Education” and Payee Name to “PTPTN – Bayaran Balik Pinjaman Pendidikan“.


Step 3: Next, key in your personal details.


Step 4: Check your SMS to get your TAC. After that, key in your Transaction Authorization Code (TAC).


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PTPTN Ujrah Scheme: Update PTPTN Interest Rate to 1%

As we known, our Prime Minister had announced to reduce PTPTN administration fee from 3% to 1% since year 2008. But, we can see that there are still quite a great number of PTPTN loan borrowers are still paying 3% of administration fee today.

In order to solve the above issue, our government had introduced Ujrah Scheme to encourage all PTPTN loan borrowers to update their information. This is to expedite the process of changing 3% to 1% of PTPTN administration fee.


Under this Ujrah scheme, you need to follow phase by phase in order for you to get reduction of PTPTN administration fee:

i. First, you need to update your info in Ujrah website. What you need to do is just keyed in your identity card number and email address.

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Direct Access : 0% Interest Balance Transfer For 6 Months

Do you want a short term Loan with 0% interest charge? You can do a balance transfer with CIMB Direct Access. CIMB Direct Access has been offering 0% interest on balance transfer for 6 months period. Bear in mind that the balance transfer is truly 0% and there’s no upfront fees, processing & admin fees, admin fees and etc.

Direct Access balance Transfer

If your mission is to clear your credit card debts, then you can take this plan in order for you pay less in interest. For example, lets say you made a purchase of RM10,000 with your EON Bank credit card last month and received your monthly statement from EON Bank this month showing that the RM10,000 is due on 15 December 2010. Well you can do balance transfer for this RM10,000 with Direct Access. But, you need to aware of something and what you need to do is:

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How Does Base Lending Rates (BLR) Affect You?


Since July 2010, our Base Lending Rate (BLR) has increased 6.05% to 6.30%. As a result, borrowers have to pay additional months of installments. This is because when BLR increase, your interest payable or your loan tenure will also be increased subsequently.

For example:


Total loan amount = RM 100,000 to be repaid over 30 years.
Previous interest amount = 6.05%
Monthly repayment = RM 492 (assuming a 4.25% after BLR – 1.8%)

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Do You Think PTPTN Defaulter Should Be Barred From Travelling Overseas?

PTPTN loan

As we known, those students who borrow PTPTN loan are mostly coming from low to middle class people. At the end of the day, most of them will end-up working with public and private sector, and there’s a minority of them will work as high level people. I personally do not agree PTPTN barred loan defaulters from traveling overseas. Instead of that, we should sit down and think of other alternative that can help them to pay during this current economy situation.

barred from travelling

Besides that, barred defaulter from travelling overseas cannot really solve the problem as some of defaulter may works as travel agents, journalist and etc that require to travel overseas every month.

What Action Will Be Taken If Loan Defaulters Refuse to Payback?

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