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My New Year’s Resolution for 2016 (Part 2)

What are my plans for 2016?

1. Keep Career Goals On Track


My career resolution is to work smarter, not harder.  Moving to the next level of my career within the next 3 years will be my ultimate goal. My current strategy is to break larger goals into manageable tasks. A large goal can seem quite difficult and impossible to achieve, but if you break it into smaller tasks that will eventually add up to achieving your career goal. Also, I need to be different from others and provide something different.

It is not a sprint but a marathon, which requires commitment and perseverance to make our life better.

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My Time Management Tips

Whatever job you do, if you are in a management or executive role, you will utilize a number of resources. People, money, materials all are important. In any particular job, one resource may predominate. But, there’s one resource we all have in common: TIME. Everyone occasionally experience problems getting everything done, and doing it all in the time available. For some, such problems seem perpetually to exist to one degree or another.

time management tips

Many people know how precious time is everyday in lives. I’m always trying to maximize time that I have every day to be more productive as I do not want to fall behind. This is because our time is valuable and finding extra time to catch up is sometimes impossible. However, managing time is a learning process. It’s essential to learn new ways to manage our time properly so that we can be more productive.

Most of the time, we have to be able to easily adjust as the time schedule plays a big role to account for to complete each task. I always write down each task to be performed and how much time do I need to spend on the task. At the end of the day, I can know how much time allocated for each task collectively. Thus, it can allow me to utilize my time in a much more balanced and effective way. And, sometimes I can feel a strong sense of accomplishment from everything that I have done.

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Paypal vs Google Checkout: Which is better?

The Internet gives us so many windows of opportunities to make our life much easier. Nowadays, all kind of Internet business transactions and shopping have been revolutionized by the Internet through online payment services such as Paypal and Google Checkout.

Similarities Between Paypal and Google Checkout

Both are free and easy to set up. Both also require credit card verification in order to get your account working.

Both Paypal and Google Checkout quite similar in the sense that they can be used by sellers, merchants and buyers to sell, trade, or pay for certain items or services.

Paypal vs Google Checkout

Paypal vs Google Checkout

Paypal is now owned by Ebay. Google Checkout is an online service provided by Google Inc. It was opened to the public since June of 2006, and was a free service.

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Malaysia Cigarette Prices Hike On 1st Jan 2010


Today is 1st Jan 2010, which is my Birthday as well. I feel very excited and happy to have this great start of a new year. I would like to thank our government for taking serious about citizen healthy by implementing the new regulation, which increase price for all low quality and cheap cigarette.

If you are a smoker, then you should get ready to pay more for low quality cigarette price starting by today 1st January 2010. Now, the cheapest pack of 20’s would cost RM6.40. So, the minimum retail price for a stick of cigarette is RM0.32. Previously, you can find it below that price. For those branded cigarette like Dunhill, Malboro, Winston, Mild Seven, Salem would cost RM9.xx per pack.

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