Cathay Cineplex Promotion: Buy 1 Free 1 Movie Ticket?


If you’re Citibank Clear Card members, then it is great news for you. This is because you can enjoy buy 1 free 1 Cathay movie ticket and pay for your popcorn combo for just RM2 now. For the previous Cathay Cinema promotion, the Citibank Clear cardholder can enjoy RM6 per ticket and popcorn combo for just RM2. This latest promotion seems like bring much more benefits to movie lover. It means when we buy 1 ticket, Citibank will give us another 1 free ticket.


Terms & Conditions

* This promotion is valid till December 31, 2010.
* Available everyday for all movies but just for normal seats only.
* Each card member is entitled up to 2 movie tickets and 2 popcorn combos per day.
* Popcorn combo only valid with the purchase of movie ticket
* Movie tickets are on first come first serve basis at 1000 per week nationwide.

Do You Think Cathay Cinema Promotion Is Real?


I heard some of my fellow blogger said that they cannot get what they want. The Cathay Cinema staff always can’t get the latest information update from the Cathay Cinema official website. Besides, they do not have systematic handling to most of the Cathay loyalty customer. What do you think? Did you face the same situation?

5 thoughts on “Cathay Cineplex Promotion: Buy 1 Free 1 Movie Ticket?”

  1. yes.. i experienced bad service.
    people in general do not have the mentality of giving good service despite of many customer service training they have gone through.

  2. I have been to Cathay and purchase the buy 1 free 1 ticket promotion numerous of times. No problem at all even on weekend. In fact, i didn’t know it got cheaper because i was expecting to pay RM12 under their previous promotion for 2 tickets without popcorn but they billed me RM10. I paid and left without verifying. Days later only i noticed the promotion from their mailer.

    Cathay is a nice place for movies because most of the time i manage to get tickets even when i go there late in the weekend. Not many people. The turn off point though is the fewer screens and the weird queue system at the snack bar. 2 tickets for RM10 is a steal to be honest.

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