Champion of the November !!!

Yeah !!! I got the great news from WMM(Webmaster Malaysia Forum) yesterday nite as i have awarded ‘member of the month’ which also means the only champion of November…

This award is given to whom is the most active in the forum for that particular month. At first, it won’t give me much surprise althou this is my 1st time to get this award as i know that i have contribute a lots in this forum and spend lots of time to discuss and share the idea with the members all around the world.

Once u have become WMM most active member, u will be awarded “RM 199” hosting coupon from Exabytes local web hosting company. I have planned to make use of its and plan to have own hosting within this 3 month since that coupon can last for 3 months duration. With this RM 199, you can buy 1 year of hosting but if u can add on another RM 100, u will entitled to get 2 years web hosting. I have planned everything from the start, so now just treat this as motivation for me to do and get ready for the next step.

My words to u all is “Knowing is not enough, u must know to apply. Willing is not enough, u must do”. Regarding the domain suggestion, website design, graphics design or any financial issues, pls don’t be shy to ask me in that forum. I will try my best to give u a quick feedback there.

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