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Previously, there have great promotion on this Max InvestSave, which you top up your deposit, then you can get to participate in the contest and also get free gift. So, pioneer investors of Max InvestSave will receive bonus units of up to 30 percent of their total investment value.

At a glance, it is saving plan + investment linked. It is not sound too good to be true, the profit stated is projected based on last few years market data which is not so guaranteed. The capital is only guaranteed if one held until maturity period of the scheme.

Hope with my little information here may clear a lot of doubts, and uncertainties among those people who plan to save and invest.

– For me, this kind of investment really pays out highest RIV when you deposit.
– Secondly, what you see is what you get. What’s on the T&C is what investors will get. The bank won’t take investors’ money and invest in ponzi schemes, simply because the bank is not allowed so. A lot of investors seem to have the view that banks always have their ways to invest such as buying properties.
– This Max InvestSave product works best in the long term and it is very suitable for retirement planning.

Why CIMB Islamic Max InvestSave Better Than Fixed Deposit?

If you plan to earn a higher return than fixed deposits without the risk of capital loss, then this Islamic savings-cum-investment plan may be what you are looking for.

This is really good plan for the long-term investors as the tenure starts from a minimum of 15 years, up to a maximum of 30 years. You can set aside a fixed amount every month to save towards your retirement, children’s education as you are forced to save regularly for the entire period else you may lose your initial investment.

At last, the investors will receive their capital plus the profit sharing achieved by the investment deposit over the entire life.

Reason Why I Do Not Plan to Invest ?

I feel that this product more suitable for those who very poor in retirement planning only. As you can see, this product requires a minimum investment of RM50, which could help to solve the country’s retirement issues. This is because most of the Malaysian do not save enough for their retirement.

Secondly, there is no return guarantee even they said highest RIV, but they never say how high is the highest RIV. The RIV can from now on remain stagnant, and they still fulfill their promise. So there is no return guarantee in place. Don’t let their words fool you. Are you the one of those Malaysian?

Anyway, I hope that through this CIMB Max InvestSave could really help those who very poor in retirement planning to get enough money to retire comfortably.

6 thoughts on “CIMB Islamic Max InvestSave”

  1. I agree with you David. As a matter of fact, i bought a little of this fund myself.

    I don’t think it can reached a very high value even in 15,20,30 years are advertised.

    Nevertheless, because of the bonus that you get due to the promotions, etc. You can easily make 10%.

    I just got my statement. Looks like i just made 10% due to the bonuses and capital appreciation just this year. 🙂

    Note that this is NOT a recommendation to buy just my opinion. Good for novice investor but not so attractive to serious wealth accumulation.

  2. P.S I also did not realized that i gained 10% because of this fund. At first , i thought it was a mistake buying such long-term fund.

    Nevertheless, i just buy it for fun and do not intend to channel more funds into it.

    There are more attractive investments out there.


  3. yeah! this is also good..just open an account for rm 50(at that time the fund maybe at the price of rm1)and wait until the last minute of maturity..1-10 years is a saving period. in this period u need to check the highest RIV..if the RIV reach rm1.5 or rm 2..then in the last year of saving period u bank a large amount of money maybe rm 100,000..see u’ll get rm200,000..if the highest RIV is rm2..still good just open an account in this and wait..

  4. Hi Hoe Highasi, you cannot wait like this because when highest RIV is rm2, likelyhood is you won’t be able to topup or bank in large amount of money at rm1 – (it can still be possible but chances are low). Currently the highest RIV for 30y tenure is 1.07 something and current RIV is 0.85 something, immediately you will get to lock in capital return for maturity of 22sen, or a good 25.8% return – purely down to the special feature of this product!

  5. yeah correct.from july 2010 to july 2012 the investment units increased from 50+7.5 to current 2500 for max invest to withdraw 1,000,000 units at RIV RM4.50 year 2023(RM4,500,000) ! wow.

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