Comparison Between Ebay Vs Lelong

Shopping online is quick, easy and convenient. There are 2 most popular online shopping options in Malaysia – Ebay and Lelong. Both have an unlimited number of products to choose from. For instance, you can buy real estate, cars, sporting goods, clothing, toys, entertainment items, and much more from these online shopping sites.

Ebay vs Lelong></p> <p>As far as I know, Lelong exist earlier than However, their search engine isn't that good. Ebay has a worldwide visitor and traffic and the system used is much easier than as you don't have to be verified to sell and buy online. I think ebay in Malaysia has not been so successful compared to Lelong due to the mentality and culture of people using the cyber world shopping in Malaysia.</p> <p><b><span style=

Pros & Cons of

– Limited to South East Asia users only
– Too many advertisements on the front page
– Mobile verification before buying and selling can increase confidence of buyers and sellers
– Always improving on the service and introducing new features

Pros & Cons of

– Able to reach worldwide
– Less advertisement
– Not much effort taken to improve on the features and service

When we are buying from someone online, it is highly recommended to check the seller’s feedback. Retrieved the sellers contact information and call them. Get their full name and address no matter what method that you are using to pay them. If they have a company get the company info as well. If you buy an item from someone who has a high feedback rating, you may be given the great service that was given to the past customers.

Besides, one of the important things to take note when doing online shopping is our Internet Connection Security. Most website use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt the credit card information that we send over the Internet. You can see that your address bar starts with https: instead of usual http:. Or you will see a padlock icon at the bottom right of your browser.

8 thoughts on “Comparison Between Ebay Vs Lelong”

  1. ebay international is much more famous, but malaysia one…

    more people prefer

    the only advantage is ebay malaysia can get free listing… good start to sell thing without cost

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  3. i don’t know what to say…
    but for my study review i have to do assignment about comparisons btwn eBay and lelong…
    p/s: salam kpd mak ayah kami.

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  5. How’s things?, can anyone able to provide info on good free eBay application which can bid automatically just before the auction ends? (I forget the correct term for this. Thank-you

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