Complete List of Malaysian Bank Swift Code


Do you know what is bank swift code? It is the unique identification code of a particular bank. These codes are used when sending money between banks via wire transfers.

Recently, I have a business deal with a client from New Zealand who sending his credit to my bank account via this technique. In the other words, bank swift code is very useful for those who are sending their credit/money from outside Malaysia to our local bank through bank-to-bank transfer.

Here’s a list of Malaysian banks swift code, there are in 8 unique charaters:

Affin Bank Berhad -> PHBMMYKL
Alliance Bank Berhad -> MFBBMYKL
Ambank Berhad -> ARBKMYKL
Bank Simpanan Nasional -> BSNAMYKL
CIMB Bank Berhad -> CIBBMYKL
Citibank Berhad Malaysia -> CITIMYKL
EON Bank Berhad -> EOBBMYKL
Hong Kong Bank Malaysia Berhad -> HBMBMYKL
Hong Leong Bank Berhad -> HLBBMYKL
Malayan Banking Berhad -> MBBEMYKL
OCBC Bank Berhad -> OCBCMYKL
Public Bank Berhad -> PBBEMYKL
RHB Bank Berhad -> RHBBMYKL
Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad -> SCBLMYKL
United Overseas Bank Berhad -> UOVBMYKL

My client needs to fill up the application form with this information:

Your Bank Name:
Your Beneficiary Bank Name:
Your Beneficiary Bank Branch/Location :
Beneficiary Account Name:
Beneficiary Account Number :
Amount to be transferred:

So, if you are outside Malaysia, you need to know all these Malaysian bank swift codes in order for you to enter your bank swift code to send payment. This can save the bother of asking the bank officer and finding out from some officers who may not know what is bank swift code.

10 thoughts on “Complete List of Malaysian Bank Swift Code”

  1. if we malaysian sending money to usa where to put the swift code provided by the beneficiary?because in the maybank form’s i dont see swift code column

  2. i have a wire transfer sitting in england right now. it was sent from the HSBC in Kuala Lumpur, malayasia. it is being wired from them to my account in canada at the CIBC. the swift code they used is CIBCCATT

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