Consequences of Never Paying Back PTPTN Loan

What action will be taken by government if did not payback PTPTN loan??

You’ll probably get banned from going oversea and unable to get any loan from bank in future. And, it will affect your next generations too.

Did you receive any letters chasing for the repayment? If you got and keep on ignoring those letters, their lawyer will send you one final reminder letter. The compound will be issued after you received the lawyer letter but still refuse to pay.

Interest rate is 3% only. Usually they start charging interest 6 months after graduation. They put it as administrative cost in the statement and they are actually charging it every month, which is depends on the loan balance. If you don’t pay now, the so-called administrative cost will keep on accumulating. So, finishing the payment as soon as possible will be better as it is compounded. Try to think mature; don’t let others immature behaviors affect you.

Nothing Is Not Fair

If you feel it’s fair that you don’t pay back the loan, but is this fair to those who are paying back their loan? What about the possibilities that thousands of undergraduates who may not receive any financial assistance in the future because people like you don’t pay up? Is this fair to them?

PTPTN was funded by government and rely on our payment to continue giving out education loan for future students. Let us think for the sake of future leaders and start paying back PTPTN. Else we cause other people to suffer. My mindset is rather to be debt free, than somebody come back haunting back me later.

4 thoughts on “Consequences of Never Paying Back PTPTN Loan”

  1. Nothing is for free…
    You have borrowed this money to invest in your future.

    Now that the investment is complete, doesn’t mean that money will come for free.
    Work for the money you want.

    Then, be honourable.
    Be a man.
    Return what you have borrowed.

  2. I just pay back them half a year, and don plan to pay them all so fast, better keep the money in FD, still the same earn 3% to pay back them, and the cash flow are still here

  3. I am doing my final year now. Yup! I got PTPTN as well ~ but, for FOUR years I only get RM 8400. RM 1050 per semester~ not enough to pay my fees but then, still thankful because have it.
    “Bayar pun kurang sedikitlah” ha3~

  4. It’s still not worth to repay back. Just think for one second. 90% students in public U are bumiputra. Probably 99% of them never will pay back. Gov will not pursue the matter because its the ‘bumiputra’ right to ‘enjoy’ the privilege of being bumiputra.
    Considering only 10% students are non-bumi, that means 90% of the bumiputra students might not enjoy the possibility of the loan. That’s fair don’t you think?
    If the gov wants all the students to pay back, first they have to be fair in awarding the placement in universities. NO MORE MATRICULATION SYSTEM!!!

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