Considerations Before Applying Education Loan

student loan

Private Student Loans can help you to cover your cost of college education when savings, scholarships and parent aid aren’t enough. However, sometimes we need to know the student loans information in order to help you understand your responsibilities and avoid financial burden.

Nowadays, having a college education is not as cheap as last time. There might have students who are paying fees for their study under loads of debts. Once you graduate, they might find it difficult to payback the payments.

When you are in college or university, it is possible that you would have many choices to take different college loans with different interest rates. From there, you can choose for refinance because you can get a lower interest rate student loan. Tips: Refinancing the student loan can help you lower down the entire cost of your loan.

Mostly, every country’s governments won’t charge the interest on student loans until after they have completed their studies. For my case, I applied PTPTN loan before and they only started charge you interest after six months of graduation. This mean that you enjoy interest free from that time you applied the loan till after six months you leave school.

5 thoughts on “Considerations Before Applying Education Loan”

  1. Hi David,
    Do you have any idea if the PTPTN loan is available for adult students as well? I’m pursuing my second degree on a distance learning basis now. By the way, nice blog!

  2. Actually,that is not true. I just tried to settle my PTPTN loan and discovered that PTPTN charges you interest from the beginning plus it is compounding interest. It may or may not be reflected in your statement.So, your statement actually does not reflect the real figure you owe them because you also have to pay additional insurance charges. They only tell you about these additional charges when you want to settle your account.

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