Denver Seminary

My name is David Lee. What things that can make you feel curious at this moment? I have been asked by many people whether im Christian or not. Actually im Buddhist but sometimes I do believe in Christian stuff also.

Have you heard about Denver Seminary? It is the program that provides opportunity for student to have lifelong learning in church organization by offering a variety of courses and events that will strengthen their skills and knowledge.

In between that, professors need to encourage students all the while because this is the way to make sure that their student to focus on study of God seriously. When people are trained in seminary, they will learn more about leadership and communication skills.

Toward the end of the studies, the student must be required to get a mentored internship to avoid possible foolish mistakes that frequently made when entering real world. Only knowledge gained without experience may not guarantee oneself to have well performance.

What is the major concern? It’s better to know your affordability before borrow money to finance your education. I have noticed a lot of people making mistake on their financial plan and often feel pressure of their living expenses. If you are the working class people, better think about your gross and net annual income, and make sure that it is enough to cover your monthly expenses.

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