6 thoughts on “Difference Between CIMB Clicks Trader and iTrade@CIMB Account”

  1. Would be better if you table it for comparison.

    So far is this the cheapest on-going rate (instead of just for promotion period)?

    I trade with HLeBroking for min RM12 per transaction.

  2. sry i dont really understand abt buy 3000 and has no limit to trade even u have 7000 in balance?buy 3000 of? and trade wat? is this a stock, forex or? sry , can anyone explain here?im interested to know…

  3. @AskChong: im not really do research and comparison from different bank but i think CIMB always offer competitive rate in town
    @Vin: For CIMB Clicks Trader, you need to maintain at least 10k inside your account in order for you to do trading. And, this is for local stock trading only. Let say if you want to trade 2k today, then you need to have 12k in your account.

  4. @David,

    It is good now to see you venture into stock investments. Last few year, i only wrote on financial management articles..now you have move to stock..good good.

    @Ask Chong.
    I dont think..The CIMBclicks trader is NOT a promotion as far as i know..It been along time already lar…

    In normal CIMBCLICKs Itrade, you have additional limit of 3x of the cash collateral you have. For example, you have RM1000. You can buy up to 3X aka Rm3000 worth of trade.Of course you need to pay up when T+3 later.

    CIMBCLICKs Trader, does not have the benefits of the 3x limit. So you can buy what you have in cash only!! but the commission is dirt cheap if you trade in and out like mad.


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