Different Judgement For Your Future?

I always worried that whether when is the most suitable time for me to give out opportunity to some ladies who’re really having interest on me. Although I have known im not young at this moment and sometimes really makes me headache when need to find a suitable life partner.

Before that, I have make lots of mistake and hopefully if come another new chance for me, im sure I won’t let the golden opportunity goes. May be this is nothing for people who have almost same age as me and may be some of them have achieved what they actually desire in their life. Some of them may get married at young age and some of them have their dream car. However, I insist to do what im thinking is good for me to do currently. I dunno whether the decision that I have made is correct or not. Where should I go to ask? Jesus? Im not kristian, then how?

Keep on fighting is a good thing and what im currently doing is for my future. I cant foresee my future and may be can predict what’ll happened next based on current situation. For me, doing something for future is just a self-prevention as I started to scare everything from now…scare lost direction, scare no money, scare some unpredictable and badly accident fallen on me, scare no friend, scare my dream cant achieved, scare dun have own built family…

Everything happen sure has its reasons and some people may find it but some of them may not know it forever!!! For instance, the main priority that im doing now is trying find as much as resources to generate multiple income rather rely on single stream of income. I know every people also want to become like that…But when they think about the consequences, they may give up easily and always give as much excuses as possible!!

Different people will have different thought and different behaviors and this may lead to different decision to be made. I hope that everyone is making a good decision and choose the right way to go. Better do not waste much time on something that’s not useful to you as future is in your hand and u need to determine on how to make it brighter!!

6 thoughts on “Different Judgement For Your Future?”

  1. Yes, the future is on our hand. What we do now today determine the result in tomorrow. We shouldn’t blame for something happens on us. Good luck to you in your journey and all the best!

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