Direct Market Access Trading

Direct Market Access (DMA) is a new technology for investors to do trading in efficiency manner. Besides that, the investors will also be able to enjoy greater connectivity and more control of their orders through the DMA platform for equities and derivatives market.

Direct Market Access

With the new era, more and more people will be using the internet to enter their orders. This is because they would be able to react quickly to information flows and self limit orders in the market rather than relying on remisier. Other than that, they can also enjoy much cheaper rate.

With the introduction of DMA, the investors will have full control over their trades and eliminate the unnecessary troubles. Previously, if they want to trade, then they need to call their remisier to place their order into the stock market. Sometimes the remisier may mishear and cause dispute, the broker will then have to check on tape recording to clarify on it.

Prior to the major benefits that it brings to our investment world, we can observed that there’s an increase number of people have migrated to online stock trading. Online trades accounted for 5% of trades in year 2008 and jumped to about 50% in year 2010.

However, there’s always room for enhancement to improve the performance of DMA. Bursa Malaysia will keep on looking ways to ensure there’s a minimum negative impact for investor who do trading.

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