Do You Feel Satisfied with EPF Dividend Rate for 2010?


Recently, EPF declares the dividend payout of 5.8% for the year 2010. Compare to year 2009(5.65%), it is an increase of 0.15% in dividend payout. Thus, the returns for the year 2010 is in fact slightly better than 2009. The increase still acceptable as year 2010 economy was strong in the first and second quarter and economy crisis turn down a bit start from the mid of the year.


I believe that most of the account holder will feel very happy with 5.8% EPF dividend payout for the year of 2010, as it is higher than parking your money in fixed deposit. But, do you know what’s the average dividend rate of EPF is over the period of year before retirement? It is better you do the math to calculate your future EPF funding projection so that it will be easy for you to decide how you can utilize your EPF account smartly.

Do You Feel Satisfied with EPF Dividend Rate for 2010?

Honestly, I am not so impressed with the return that EPF is giving our citizens. With the strong economic recovery and big foreign fund support last year, I think our government should declare higher rate to all Malaysians. If compare to year 2009 with negative growth rate of -1.7%, EPF still manage to pay 5.65% and it really does not make any sense with just 0.15% increase only.

Sorry if I am too oppositional but I just to share my logic upon this matter. What do you think? Do you feel satisfied with the return declared by EPF or we should be getting more than this rate?

5 thoughts on “Do You Feel Satisfied with EPF Dividend Rate for 2010?”

  1. tats the exact feeling i had when i saw 5.8% div payout for 2010! was so ‘angry’ for the news… pity the rakyat because we all knew everyone is making money from the 2008 economic downturn.

  2. Looking at the investment objective of EPF Fund as well the spread of fund invested, the return declared are reasonable. Though the KLCI perform higher, the higher result is mainly contributed by Equity Fund. Otherwise u may want to withdraw a portion of your EPF fund and invest it in a Unit Trust and chose your preferred investment fund and monitor the fund risk at your own will. By doing this u could better understand the risk as well as comparing the fund performance in details. The choice is yours.

  3. hi guys, average 5% not relevan at current moment due to high cost what we called inflation. In decade of 90’s its find…everything cheapest…I dont think its enough to cover our retirement…Yes i aggreed i have RM1 million during my retirement age..the issue is my retirement will be another next 20years..if RM1mill..but the value could be half?..1998 roti canai .60cents… Now roti canai now RM1.30cents..100% increased!!!

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