Do You Get Year End Bonus From Your Employer?

Year 2008 & 2009, i did not get any year end bonus from my job accomplishment but this year will be the first time I’m at a company where I can get an annual bonus, but I’m not holding my breath that anything is coming my way. I just have plan on how to get it and try to perform very well at current company in order to accomplish my goals.


In Malaysia, bonuses are taxed just like our regular salary. Started from this year, my current company will give out bonus based on employee performance merit and i found that this is a good motivator. I consider myself very lucky to work under such a pay scale company and find myself very rarely complaining about my job. Sometimes, I might work late or a bit pressure when I need to have very high job satisfaction.

At other companies I have worked for, the annual bonus was expected, and everybody got the same bonus. When the company did poorly financially, employees complained that they didn’t get their bonus. For me, i will more prefer performance-based bonus as i want higher level manager to measure my performance such as how well of my roles and responsibility, self-dedication, self-disciplined, units and revenue produced.

Based on my past job history, my annual salary review was historically increased from year to year. For me, job bonus is quite important for every employee, as it is a measure of employee performance. Some jobs, like sales jobs, they are more easily recognized by measurements. The salesman can sell enough quantities of company product to be eligible for a certain bonus.

Now i just try to do my best at my current employer (Not Google Inc) and hopefully that they can doing great this year and make huge profits & higher returns on investment than previous so that they got enough money to give me a pay raise and job bonus at the end of the year.

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