Do You Give Money To Parents Every Month?

giving parents money

What makes things worse is that some of the parents are absolutely thinking with money. Once his son/daughter got a fixed salary job then they will ask them to pay this and that. How about your situation?

For me, I not only pay them money but also pay the Internet access, house electrical bill and buy things for them, this is not a forced action but that’s my willingness. I think it’s a kind of responsibility. When my salary increased, so they may enjoy more “allowance”.

My Hard Time Is Over !!!

During studying in college at KL, I like to compare other friends with me; I feel a bit proud and more higher self-achievement because most of them need their parent support (some 100%, 80%, 50%) for their education while I had to shoulder the bulk of the financial responsibility. Who’s know my situation at that time? Nobody!!!

More Reasons Why Should Give Money To Parents

give parents money

If possible, try to give parents money every month. Even if they are not short in money,
but at least they can have extra money to use and I hope they will enjoy their life. They have sacrificed for us a lot, so now it’s our return to our parents.

Try to imagine that no matter how much you want, you can’t give parents money forever. As one day they will leave us. When you think of it, we shall try to treat them better when they are still with us. Money is one kind of our appreciations to them. Of course, it is not only in the form of giving some money but also in the form of accompany, chit chat etc.

They don’t save much money for their late ages, for all the little money they can earn
when they were strong, has been spent on their children. So, do you think should we give parents money?

Do You Think Giving Money To Parent Is Essential?

I personally think that since they have no ability to earn money, so at least we should give parents some money or do something to reduce their burden.

Some of the parent always said that they don’t want money from their children but the most thing that they want is to be closer with them…How do you think of that? Do you think you have to give money to your parents?

32 thoughts on “Do You Give Money To Parents Every Month?”

  1. I give my money to my mother every month without fail since I step into society. And no matter how difficult I am financially, I won’t cut on her allowance. I’ll only cut my allowance to secure hers. She is just like another “car loan” to me! Hahaha~

  2. Hi Bro, how are you doing there? Now it is my first time log on to your personal blog. It is good idea on this but I perosnally realize that, most of parents nowadays is want to spend more times with their sons/daugther. Although, they didn’t mentioned about money, but, in their heart is as long we (as child) can independent and earn money for ourself, they already satisfied with their last time effort d. For those, who are working far from hometown. At least can see them 2 weeks – 1 month a time, they should be happier compare to parents.

  3. I think we should give part of our income to our parents. It’s the least we can do for them after all their sacrifices bringing us up.

    Of course, money is the only thing, we should spend time with them too.

  4. Yes. Every working adult should pratice giving money to their parents. If they can’t afford much at least a little. Cost of goods these days have sky rocketed. So in a normal household, money will always won’t be enough. Don’t forget that you will be a parent one day too … What do you expect from your children if you yourself is not practicing giving money to your parents now. right ?

  5. @Celine: ya..then u are the good girl lo..i also never fail pay them money
    @Chun Hong: yes..u are right..mostly they will like to see us to be more independent

  6. @Blogger09: wah..u start working part time, pay to your parent already, not bad…for me, i work part time is to reduce their burden although not pay them money

    @Lim: i also hope that one day my children can give me money as return…hahaha

  7. Some parents don’t want their children give them money, althought they receive anything we give to them, the important thing for them is the care we give to them, we give love to them.

  8. when i was working part-timely i gave all my wages to mami one…
    of course this culture will still go on next time when im working..just like my bro 🙂

  9. some kids borrow money from parents to buy house/car, then the kid every month pays them back, then they consider themselves as giving money to their parents. hehe…

    i think we really should give, but of cos, the one i mention above does not falls into the category as giving money, tat’s paying back money!! hehe..

  10. as a parent I dont expect anything in return. perhaps it is becoz i am financially stable but mainly it is bcoz the greatest reward to me is when a kid is set up for life with a spouse n kids n the family is financially stable.. with its own dreams. that is enuf for me. i can then leave for the life after with a light heart n no burden

  11. I started giving my mom a monthly allowance as soon as I graduated and entered the workforce. My dad doesn’t need/want anything from me since he had a monthly pension payment from the government.

  12. good sharing and beside giving money to our parents..another thing we must do is to make sure we have insurance especially medical that we can pay for our own medical expenses through this medical card insurance and do not have to trouble our parents ago..after all..from birth to our present age now..they have paid a lot to bring us up…so..look for me..if you need to know more on this are..thanks…

  13. Hi,
    How much are you giving per month?

    Your blog is very interesting and having a lot of good contents. You can share your posts at: and gain more readers. 🙂

  14. @annant: good to practice like that..
    @Jys: that’s paying back money not giving money to parent..haha
    @Bengbeng: i very appreciate parent with financial stable and can retire fast and no need rely on their children support to survive
    @leelin: ya..i m planning to buy insurance coverage for them in future…i think it could help us to reduce financial burden when anything happen on our parents
    @Lee: thanks, i have signed up the autopinger already, hope can get more traffics from there

  15. for those who wish to buy insurance for their parents..pls do contact me ya..especially the medical cover for our beloved parents so that they can get the best treatment when they are sick…

  16. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. As i’m looking through your posts, I find this one interesting. For me no forced responsibility with parents, they earn better figures than me but my husband has a lot of responsibilities. I just give some money and tell them they use it however they want lie watch movie or get something. My parents prefer that i focus more on my future and family to invest on what we want than give them allowance =P

  17. They paid for your whole life. If you don’t pay them back, you’re a jackass.

    Yes, I give my dad a chunk of money and he spreads it around. This way even he still feels like the man of the house…..

    Their old and it’s our responsibility,…

  18. I have been supporting my mother for the past 36 years giving her without fail RM700 a month. I give her even before I get my salary.

    I am the only person supporting my mother as one sister is a housewife and worked only a few years in her life while another sister who lives overseas only started to give money the past few years.

    It’s not only pocket money but all the other bills like medical, repair bills, utility bills, house assessment etc etc. Also when she stays with me for a few months I never cut her allowances. I have also sent her overseas for vacation.

    When she broke her hip, I took care of all her medical expenses. Now she needs RM7,000 a month for her dialysis, nursing home etc and I helped her to sell off her house(meant for me) to take care of her high expenses. She never work a day in her life. She is lucky cos my father took care of our needs but after he died 38 years ago, I was the sole breadwinner. She does not even need to take care of her own parents nor her husband’s parents as all of them died during WW2. Unlike, me I am what you call in the “sandwich” generation- supporting my mom, myself and now my children. Yet, when I sold the house my mom wants all the house money and did not want me to keep the money in our joint account so that I can manage it for her. I have since stopped giving her any pocket money as she has about RM500,000 from the sale of the house and uses up RM100k a year.

  19. Hi Bobo.. Wow. that’s a great job you are doing all this years supporting your mum. But i guess sometimes they `would not understand what you have planned for them. Medical bills don’t come cheap these days & having to fork out RM7k a month is going to be a burden. Nevertheless for those who still have mum / dad, do cherrish every moment you have with them. once they leave this world they are gone forever. This is a very good video & can act as a wake up call for us.

  20. Wow, g8 to see everyone has a sense of responsibility. I also gave my parents some money. I’m willing to give. Problem is, my mom has been asking me to give all my $$$ since i’m 12 years old till now. She said daughter has no needs to save money. We can get it from our husband. She’ll keep the money for me and invest. But i never submit myself to that … feeling a bit loss why my mom is not satisfied and want to have my whole salary. Talking about insurance, I ask my parents whether they insured themselves, but they never want to talk about it…. confusing…Why some parents are so nice, while some dunno how to cherish what they have now…

  21. really touch by some of the comments here as everybody is giving their parents money and supporting them when they are in difficulties like medical bills etc…

    i just wish to high light a bit on medical will cost a lot when things happen…do think about it and if yrself or yr parents a medical card so that you can transfer the risk to the insurance company…

    if you do need any information, feel free to contact me…no obligation ya..thanks

  22. I love giving money to my mom! It’s like a hobby to me nothing makes me feel better. She lives 8hrs away I vist her 5-6 times a year and I always give her at least $500, I pay for any medical expenses that insurance doesn’t cover, and give her extra money around Christmas. I have 8 siblings me and my brother are the only ones that do this. One of my goals in life is to take care of my mom so she never has to work. If you sacrifice to give to your parents you will have a blessed life! I love you Mama

  23. I want to give my mother money but she maxed out both my credit cards which I have to pay for now. What would you do? I am really confused because she literally made me owe credit card companies $48k. 🙁

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