Do You Think Malaysian Passport Fees Too High?


The good news for infrequent travelers is: The new 2 years validity Malaysian Passport for RM100 is introduced starting from Oct 1,2009. With this new Malaysian Passport, I believe that the number of applications for passports will be increased. It brings more benefits for those who need to make a trip overseas once in a while such as those going for studying overseas.

What Do You Think About Current Malaysian Passport?

Based on my understanding, Malaysian Passport is way too high of few times compare to other countries. A lot of Malaysian has the same mindset, for those who able to own passport then they are considered as richer group. What do you think?

Many people suggest Malaysia government to reduce the passport to an affordable level since passport is view as identification and rights to travel. So, it should be made really affordable to all. What is your opinion?

Just imagine that if every family have 5 children, so if the family of 7 need to go overseas, then they need to pay more for their Malaysian Passport Fees, this subsequently could add to their financial burden.


Need to Pay Overlap Fees For Malaysian Passport?

Last time I own the non-International Malaysian Passport for just travel to Singapore only, and based on what I’ve experience, you need to pay the overlap of fees if your passport is nearing 6 months of expiry. Let say you have to renew your passport, which is less than 6 months validity, they will not carry forward the period left in your current passport when you are overseas. So, you will be charged RM300 for less than 5 years.

Why Malaysian Passport So Expensive?

I do not understand why Malaysian Passport so expensive, are we paying the microchip that is embedded in the passport?

If the government wants to charge RM300 for each passport as a way to discourage people from traveling overseas, then this is not a good idea because the number of people traveling overseas has increased year by year.

Current Passport Variation

Currently, there are 2 types of Malaysian Passport:
i) 32 pages – RM300
ii) 64 pages – RM600

So, what is your decision? Do you think now it’s a great time to travel?

16 thoughts on “Do You Think Malaysian Passport Fees Too High?”

  1. it sounds good.. however, rm100 for 2 years only?? i dont think it’s enough time.. the second year, 6months before expired then i have to renew it again,.. it’s like i’ll have it only for 1 year and 6months.. cant they make it to 3 years? so i dont have renew make it every years..

  2. Now is 150RM for 2yr passport only valid for 1 yr 6 months for travel. Cannot travel in the last 6 months. 3 x 1.5yrs = 4.5 yrs worth of valid passport. 3x applications and 3x visits to Immigration office. Might as well pay 300RM for 5 yrs. 150RM for 3 yrs will be better but Govt needs money badly.

  3. hmm..certainly not a bad way to start,but i strongly suggest if the policy can change,why not RM300 for 10years,because our look can be different by this its more appropriate then.saves time,cost and lesser work for the GOV.maybe this matter can be proposed to the Parliment and hopefully it will be approved,so my dearest fellow-countrymen its time to pursue this issue to your respective Datuk Bandaraya.-May We Succeed!!

  4. Just curious to know – how many percentage of Malaysians own a passport? Do you know where I can find the statistic for this?

  5. Hi, The general requirements for renewal of Malaysian passports is incomplete. In Seremban, for example, if you are underaged 21 years and below, even if accompanied with your parents, you are required to bring along your original birth cert. NO negotiations… If you have to drive to and fro from home 84 kilometers in my case.. you just have to do that. I wonder value of our Malaysian identity card ? ..and thumb print !!!!!

  6. pasport baru hendaklah dipohon jika baki tempoh sah lakunya kurang daripada 6 bulan…apa meaning tu, sila reply for me…
    it is say more than 6 month。。。
    or less than 6 month is ok??
    thanks you^^

  7. Malaysia system is FUCK and PIG..singaporean make a new passport only Sing 80 dolar only for 5 years..extension for 5 years is free for and will carry 9 month remaining..but in Malaysia will burn 12 month if we renew for 2 years..all cekik darah..UMNO is BULLSHIT…all richest..but people POOR..FUCK UMNO!

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