Do You Think Now It’s Great Time To Invest In Gold?


I believe that most of the people had find out some way to increase own retirement fund. Some of them make investments of their hard earned money and hopefully that one day they can retire comfortably. Gold IRA is another type of investments, which I heard recently. As I known, this IRA Gold is one of the safest investments. Value of gold will not be affected by economic crisis.

I learnt a lot about Gold IRA and Gold 401k from one of my US friend. My friend keep on telling me that gold has been used as a hedge against inflation issues. I believe that with this global economic crisis, gold investment has become the alternative for your investment plan. So, how’s your opinion? Do you think that this IRA Gold investment is better than unit trust investments or property investments?

No matter what else happens, whether gold or stocks go up or down, one thing you can always rely on is that you are always safer when you diversify your investments. So if you think gold is a good idea, that’s fine, but don’t put all your eggs in one basket. My advise for you is try to keep some in stocks, some in bonds, and if you want to, some in gold.

3 thoughts on “Do You Think Now It’s Great Time To Invest In Gold?”

  1. For me, i think gold investment should be started as soon as possible. I’ve started saving cash to buy physical gold while mostly of my cash be invested on digital gold like the Maybank GSPA. In this 2 or 3 years, its growth is superb. I am a student with low income so i don’t earn much. However, with great capital, i can earn more than RM 48 per gram. Imagine if you have more than 10 gram or 100 gram.

  2. Gold price would not affected either inflation or deflation. It works as alternative or replacement of currency. I’m believe the price will up to US2000 within 2 years if US economic still down.

  3. Now isn’t the time best to buy gold. Two years back, I read a report saying gold price is at its 60 years height.

    How much upside can it go? no one can tell, unless of course if you have the capital huge enough to make a killing.

    :p – just my two cents

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