Do You Think RON95 Will Increase?

Based on the subsidy rationalisation plan, there would be a review every six months for subsidies on all products, RON95 prices were revised last December and therefore a revision was now due. So, the price of RON95 petrol will be reviewed in this month or early June. The possibilities of price going up is very high as our government had reiterated that the subsidy burden is quite high.

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Well, if our government can remove the subsidy and use this amount of money to develop start developing our public transport. Then, I will definitely support for that move. In the other words, they should make use of it to create balance and spur our economic growth. By right, if they know to plan properly and come out the effective strategy from the earlier stage, then they should know to adjust the subsidies during economic boom, but not recession time.

I found that the main reason that most of the people complain is because they feel unfair. According to the comparison of our oil production and price to other countries, it’s correct to the certain extend, but not all, because they didn’t compare the whole thing but just the oil production and price. We all also understand that we are already paying a lot of tax to our government when purchasing a car but we still cannot enjoy the benefit of having cheap petrol nowadays.

As you known, the price that we pay for a car is almost double compare to most of the other countries. Imagine that, we can actually buy a Toyota Camry in Thailand for just RM70,000, but how much do we need to pay for a Camry in Malaysia? Almost RM150k, right? So, people in Thailand can save RM80,000 compare to us.

Let us calculate into more details…

RON95 Historical Price

Let say the Camry driver in Thailand pumps in 100 liters of petrol per month and assume their petrol is RM4.00 per liter, so he will need to spend RM400 per month for the petrol. There’ll be 12 months per year, so in total, he will have to spend about RM4800 per year for the petrol. But, he save about RM80,000 for his buying car, which means that this amount of money allows him to pump in petrol for 16 years. And, this 16 years FREE pumped petrol of RM80k + RM70k = RM150k Malaysian Toyota Camry!!! Which type of offer do you want?

Many complain is because they care, and they suffer from their living. Our government should understand that this batch of people really need fuel subsidy and as a whole it’s not similar to opium.

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  1. That’s right! The best the government can do is to tell you half of the story to fool the RAKYAT that Barang Naik is just OK!!

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