eCosway Alliance Bank Payment Card (Master Gold)

eCosway Alliance Bank Payment Card is specially designed for eCosway Business Owners and Cosway members to earn income when they spend. It make easy for normal people to profit from e-commerce. You can now turn your expenses into income by using credit/debit card affiliated with eCosway company.

It is no annual fee but the joining fee for Alliance Bank is only RM30 and eCosway is only RM100 (forever membership) which is very easy to cover back. There will not have any minimum income requirement.

I have my own Alliance Bank payment card since January of 2007. I still remember that I applied it at middle of October 2006 and it took about 2 and half month to complete the processing of my application. So, this is the only disadvantage when applying Alliance Debit Card. But, it is very useful and can earn lots of point that is beyond your expectation.

Mostly I used my debit card to make the payment of the insurance premium, which was made in half yearly payment. When you make any payment with RM100, you will earn 1 point. The point that you have earned can be used to bid any items at the Auction in eCosway. For your information, the Mcd and KFC& Pizza Hut voucher is the hottest bid in the Auction. But, Mcd voucher more worth because you only need to bid as minimum as 5 point or 6 points, then you will be the winner!!! But for KFC&Pizza Hut voucher, you need bid as minimum as 11 points to be the winner since you can use at KFC Restaurant and at the same time Pizza Hut restaurant. Depend on your needs…So, lets say you have won the Mcd voucher with only 5 point that you bid. In the end, you found that for every RM100 that you spent, you would get free RM10 Mcd voucher. Am I right? The benefit of the voucher is you can get RM50 in 5 pieces of RM10 rather than RM50 in single piece. You may see the picture as below which was the Mcd voucher looks like. But only 3 ? You know why? Because I have take 2 piece to enjoy eating with my brother already. Haha…

Normally, the Auction duration will be 1 month (about 35 days). When I participated the Auction, it is 14th Auction and the period is from 15th of July to 20th August 2007. After the due date, it will take about 10 days to process and the result will be released on 31th of August. Your eCosway ID will be found if you are the winner. Then, you will need to wait another 1 month to get the Auction Prizes Letter to change the prize at the redemption centre…

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