Effect of Global Fuel Price Increase

Malaysia Fuel Price

As you known, current fuel price is RM1.92 per liter for RON97 petrol and RM1.88 for RON92. Diesel is RM1.58 per liter now. But lets me emphasize about this issues more in advanced before nation election since I can foresee what will be happened next…

For my situation, even 2 wheels Honda with approximately 3 liter fuel tank would cost me >RM5 to fill up now. With about 5-7 fill-ups a month. Are you confusing with 2-wheels Honda? Haha…It’s Motorbike Honda EX 5 la…

If fuel price continue increased for the following years, then may be I will use bicycle to do my errands. As u known, fuel price hikes, but car prices and taxes never drop down. No balance, somebody gotta import civic hybrid or Toyota prius instead.

It’s inevitable, we can complain day & nite, but its a worldwide move, everywhere prices of petrol goes up, that’s why this is the most headache part for the car’s driver, thus try don’t buy a thirsty car!

The greatest downfall of our nation is “Malaysians tak apalah boleh makan cukuplah”. If they still maintain this kind of attitude, then it’s time for them to change! If not, more challenging life will be coming soon.

With this kind of price, now it’s time to seriously think about some renewable alternative fuel. The outside world is buzzing with alternative fuel vehicles but here we are still looking at how to improve fuel-burning efficiency. Haih…Personally think that if can convert all the engine to use NPV gas, it’s good but have to join in the queue with the taxi cabs waiting to pump…Save money but wasted time… Or if our nation country can produce electric bicycle, it’s better. Same like China people used it currently.

I suspect now it is even cheaper to share taxi or bus to work! However, one very irresponsible thing for government is that our public transport is as suck as before. Public transport service is very important and must be perfect. 50 people sharing in 1 bus that means 50 less car on the road.

On the other side, look at the highway, each car only carrying one people. Proton saga, carry one driver with empty boot, Harrier, Unser 7 seater? Also carrying only one people. Everyone is taking advantage of this fuel subsidy. This is almost just like burning our nation down.

Actually I ‘tak kisah’ fuel price hikes if our government is good at managing our money. What really pissed me off is that our government has wasted and continues to waste billions of RM for stupid projects that only benefit cronies. Example: Putrajaya, Bakun.

The government always like to give this words “We Are Still The Lowest Fuel Price Compare To Many Other Nations !” Yes, it’s 100% correct. But they didn’t mention such as the prices of cars is very high, toll, road tax, etc. I wonder why?

Sometimes I suspect that we pay tax but why does the government need to subsidize fuel? I still don’t understand when we have our petrol…we still subsidy…For sure, we are living in hell now. Do something! Come on!

9 thoughts on “Effect of Global Fuel Price Increase”

  1. The government is able subsidy our petrol is because the petrol from our country is a high qualify petrol. We export it expensive and import it cheaper to our country. That’s why we all got the subsidy and the cheapest among all other countries.

  2. if it’s the oil, there’s nothing we can do about it in Malaysia. The crude oil price is also a burden to the Government.

    Some speculations, why the subsidy happen is because to cover up the automobile pricings. With subsidy, one can charge higher for cars, thus helping a certain model in the country to continue…

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