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I received a SMS from SmilesPromo last week stated that Esso Malaysia Bhd (Esso) and ExxonMobil Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Mobil) have come out their Smiles card promotion in order to help reduce consumer financial burden during this global financial tsunami.

smiles point

For my opinion, this promotion can help Malaysians save on everyday expenses, which are redeemable via the use of their Smiles Driver Rewards loyalty points.

The promotion will valid from 30th March- 29th May and is available at all Esso & Mobil service stations nationwide.

During this period, Smiles members will be able to redeem selected items at special rates, such as:

500g of Milo = 650 points

100g of Nescafe Classic = 850 points

505g of TEAPOT Creamer = 200 points

So, what are you waiting for? Try to grab this golden chance!!!

How To Earn Smiles Point?

Every RM1 spent on fuels is equivalent to 1 Smiles Point.

smiles card point reward

Will Smiles Point Expired ?

Smiles Points will not expire as long as consumers earn points at least once per year.

Where To Redeem Your Smiles Point?

Basically, you can redeem your Smiles Points instantly for fuel and mart items at the stations, or exchange the points for attractive household appliances, car accessories, lifestyle items and more.

11 thoughts on “Esso & Mobil Smiles Point”

  1. hi Greetings. I will like to know if there is rescriction on using the Smiles Driver Rewards. I am from singapore and travel to malaysia for my Camping Trips. I usally top up my tank and use my Smiles Card to collect poits for redeems. Unfortunately and quite recently i was told my card has been on Hold and reddeem my points but new entry are added. I have already fill in the forms thrice. till today no reply. what can i do.Any Ideas or help will appreciated. Thank you and have a great day.

  2. Hi i am new in malaysia. Do you swipe the smiles card before or after swiping credit card if using credit card for payment. Thanks.

  3. swipe ur cc first, then smiles card.
    for better way.just follow the instruction on the screen. u will know for sure.

  4. i’m citizen of malaysia, i’m join the smile card member oredi 3 years time. but i feel very disappointed to the secure of this card.
    once time i use this member card at skudai esso mobil station, the staff there exchange my card without my permission.when i notice my card oredi exchange n call the customer service, they let me know, my points inside oredi exchange by ppl before.Then i asking back that guy, y didn’t check any detail of customer then let ppl to exchange my point inside! isn’t i holding anyone else card can change points i like, then what for i need to fill my personal detail when i apply the card?
    i feel very unsafety to use this member card anymore & i will tell my friends to be k ful this matter come out again.

  5. Hai,card saya telah hilang dan membuat report pada 7/10/2011
    dan telah mengesahkan yang mempunyai 3700 point.Pada 30/10/2011 apabila saya semak point hanya tinggal 700++.Saya tidak puas hati

  6. My smiles no s 7800458780032647281 and out of no reason my card was blocked. I have almost 2,000 points and waiting to redeem the 3,000 points. Please advised and the case that Vijaysamuel also happened to me as the assistant there is not honest.

  7. Dear Sirs,
    I have been a requested (via my handphone) to update my info and email address at but in vain. Upon entering my particulars, the page returns to it’s origin.
    I have tried it a couple of times but in vain.

    Furthermore, I would like to know whether the ‘Smiles driver rewards’ card I am currently using will eventually be invalid since almost all Esso & Mobil stations are being changed to Petron.

    Thank you.

  8. Dear Sirs
    I would like to check with your Company whether my son’s Smiles Card points can be transferred to my Smiles Card?

    Please let me know soonest.

    Thank you.

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