Fake Money From ATM?

It’s truly to say that fake money issue is a common topic discussion across worldwide countries.

How to assure that there is fake money?

Compare the note to another that you are sure is not fake. Closely examine the printing, the patterns, the colors, the text and the feel of the paper. Hold the note up to a lamp and look for the verification strip. Special marking pen can help you to verify the note’s authenticity also.

What should do when receiving fake money from bank?

Straight to the point, the 1st thing you should do is to contact the bank if you withdraw fake money from an ATM. Most banks have 24-hour telephone operator services to rectify their customer’s problems. So, try giving them a chance to work on it!

Think twice before regretting with your mistakes

If you suspect your note is indeed a fake, do not try and spend it. If you are trying to spend then it is a crime and can cause you in serious legal problem. You will have a hard time explaining your case to the police even if you didn’t know you were dealing with fake money.

Is it escapable if deposited fake money into an ATM?

When making a deposit, it will automatically run through a detection device that distinguishes real money from fake money and reviewed by a person. This is the first step the teller makes before your account is given credit for the deposit. The account will not be credited with the value of the fake deposit. So, please don’t think that the ATM is a dumb terminal and there may have some backup staff work behind its.

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  1. I have a question here. Since the ATM machine opereates 24 hours a day, is the person who reviews the money also work 24 hours a day?

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