FKLI Analysis & Tips for Year 2011

I guess a lots of people are wondering how does global stock markets moving as year 2010 is ending. Some said that the stock market will slowdown while some said that the market big move is coming soon? After many days of observation, I only can tell that another opportunity to ‘Short’ is coming soon.


Just look at the daily chart for FKLI December contract, we could see that the KLCI and its index futures are moving upwards since beginning of the year 2010. And, now it had touched the high record levels.

I did a lots of calculation within this month and I noticed that setting a 10 points profit for each trade seems to be a good idea. I initially did not believe it and let the profit run away. Most of the time, we’re dealing with probability. If the market has a higher chance to hit 10 pts than 20 pts, then why must try to achieve 20 pts and at the end, you got even lesser or lost your money because the market turns around.

Tips to Trade at the Beginning of Year 2011

Now, FKLI closed at 1521.5, so playing ‘Short’ seems to be a better chance of making big money for January 2011. You can also use KLCI as reference to decide on your long and short actions for Future Index.

Of course, the action of shorting has to be temporary as the overall trend is still going up. Let me try to explore more details by using other market analysis methodologies. Stay tuned…

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