Food Saving Tips

You can save quite a fair bit from your daily food depending on your lifestyle. Below is the common method that I always do and may be can help you on how to save your monthly expenses.

1. If there have choices for me, I will prefer “Ta Bao” (take-away) food instead of eating out which may cause you to order drink? A 2-person meal in a normal restaurant with 3 dishes will cost you more than RM30. While take-away for two persons will not cost you more than RM10. Try to imagine if having your meal at luxurious restaurant. For sure, it’s very nice and can enjoy the good environment but when pay your bills; it’s not only pay for your food but also the environment that you have enjoyed.

2. Sometimes, you may ask your mother for some good recipes. Cook at home is also another good idea to save expenses. Besides that, it’s healthier than eating outside since the hawker will do the best of their business without caring other people healthy. Personally will have 1 or 2 times per month to have home cooked meal only but I also feel very happy and feel that home cooked meal is tastier.

3. Meeting your friends for dinner usually will end up at expensive restaurant. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you tell your friends that you are on budget. I can be more blunt, I told some of my friends that I simply hate expensive restaurant. I will join them after their expensive meal. A better idea is you must to be a leader sometimes and try to schedule a gathering after dinner at some low expenses place like Mamak store.

4. Stay away from beers, cigarette and pubs. Stay at home with your family. If you are surrounded by friends that drink beers, smoke and go pubs and you are financially strained due to such habits. You are probably with the wrong company. Join another group of friends. Previously, I have this kind of habits but now my friends have gone to Singapore for several years working there. Thus, I don’t have any friend that can invite me for clubbing already. Haha…It’s good news for me actually… But sometimes miss them also…

5 thoughts on “Food Saving Tips”

  1. Dear David,
    I think your blog make a lot of sense and it is helpful especially sharing on what you have been through day to day. Keep it up.

  2. Considerably, the write-up is in reality the most effective on this precious issue. I concur along with your conclusions and will thirstily look forward to your approaching posts. Just saying thanks won’t be sufficient, for the excellent lucidity within your writing. I am going to right away grab your rss feeds to stay abreast of any updates. Solid work and a lot of success with your small business venture!

  3. Will over-saving deprive a well-deserve-lifestyle?

    To balance between dine-in and dine-out is a must to prevent being stuck in the “low-income mentality”.

    What is “low-income mentality”?
    – No driving desire to earn extra income because self-convince that current lifestyle is “ok”.

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