Fuel Price Hikes May Cause Inflation Jumping

Fuel Price Hikes !!! Salary Still Same !!! How to Survive ?

05 June 2008 was a bad day for all Malaysian since the fuel price increased again and it gives me a big SHOCK after the news released officially from TV channel and Internet breaking news. It’s increased from MYR 1.92 (per liter) to MYR 2.70 (per liter), approximately 41% amazing increased.

My Case


Others Case

While I feel the pain of the fuel price hike, this is quite inevitable due to the global petrol price. Following the increase in fuel price, prices of other goods are expected to rise and hence the cost of living will be skyrocketed.

BN (Barang Naik, Not Barisan National anymore) always confuses us by claiming we still enjoy the cheapest fuel price in Asia. BN always says countries like Singapore, British, Japan, their fuel price are a few times than us in actual RINGGIT. But they never consider that we are a net exporter of oil, whereas our neighbors are net importers.

Typically the arrogant government had never consider how’s the feeling of public and how we will be affected. We must take action for our future and our children!!! Let’s sack the government now!!!

For those people who intend to buy a new car recently, then this can be used as a guideline for them to do some new adjustment and future analysis. My advice is better having a good control on self-expenses otherwise you will be beaten down easily.

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  1. The price of energy, in particular fossil fuel, is historically high and seems set to increase.Fuel bills – whether for the home or for the car – take up an ever-increasing proportion of people’s budgets.

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