Full Time Blogger Income More Than IT Programmer, Possible?

Different bloggers have different mindset and that is the reason why there is an increase in number of paid products released by bloggers like e-books, e-courses, membership sites etc. It’s better than just sticking to Adsense on your blog.

IT programmer

Blogging is not just about making money, but it sure is a nice bonus. There’s no barrier of entry to become a blogger, where as programmers require real occupational training.

Previously, I was an embedded software engineer, which is not my interest field exactly. After I started blogging, I realize it has more potential than any other job looking at the current scenario. Besides, I can work according to my time schedule. Be my own boss.
In short I can live with my own life.

What Is My Ambitious?

My aspirations are to become a full-time blogger in addition to freelancing as a web developer/designer. I personally think in the long run, full time blogger actually earn much more compared to a full time programmer.

Eventually within the next year or two, I want to be bringing in a full time income from my blog. But that requires hard work and dedication.

It is just like any other business, money comes if you manage your blog well and you give something that people need or want.

When To Quit My Full Time Job?

Currently, I still work full time in IT and won’t leave until blogging income tells me it’s time.
I have 3 blogs that are collectives of different identity and a third that is strictly my own learning through the career. It’s tough finding a balance between how many blogs and the time devoted to each.

Full time programmer are always hired and their income is restricted. Unlike a full time blogger who has unlimited amount of freedom of income as their blog grows bigger.

Just Trust Your Capability

I told myself if this fellow can make a few hundred thousands dollars a month, why can’t I make a few dollars a month. So, I guess if you want to make money blogging, be willing to learn and work hard.

In a nutshell, blogging successfully requires an ability to write quality content on regular basis, this is often driven by your own motivation than motivated by money. Blogging for money is a good source of Internet income and at least it’s better than traditional business. The success figures for new offline businesses aren’t much more impressive nowadays.

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  1. Yes,I totally agree with 🙂

    Make money online is much more better n easier than offline.

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    I thk this E-Book might suit you.. 😉

  2. I view blogging as a mean rather an end in itself. Blogging allows massive one-to-one conversation. After conversation is started, what next?

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